Chromosphere Isn’t Just A Science Thing Anymore

I’ve always love the idea of creating your own art style and own identity that makes you stand out from the crowd. One day while was I scrolling through YouTube I came across this video:

I fell in love with this video, but also with the animation and style. So, I decided to do some research into finding out who created the video, it wasn’t until one day when @rebeccasugar on Instagram tagged @chromosphereLA, was went I drove head first into this creative and wonderful world of Chromosphere.

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*Blood warning*

Anime is an animated art style that originates from Japan. It is very popular in it’s home country but has a very large following in the western part of the world. The show’s them selves have a very wide range of genres, anywhere from Romance to Horror. The oldests Japanese Animation dates back to 1917, Mogura no Abanchūru (Mole’s Adventure). I have watched it and can say that the animation is extremely basic (which is a given concidering the time) but it is quite impressive of what they were capable of that long ago. The iconic style it has today however, did not surface until 1960(although it’s become more realistic in more recent years).

I myself enjoy the genre very much, and being an artist, the animation style peeks my interest too. Each show has it’s own unique style, much depending on the genre itself. The show Attack On Titan features harsher lines and less detailed design, where as some like God Eater feature a 3dimensional, game-like appearance.


Anime began like most animated shows, hand-drawn. The process is long and painstaking as each movement much be drawn seperatly. Now most anime are animated digitally, cutting the work time and increasing the quality. It is incredibly detailed and I genuinely admire the talent the animators have.

Most anime begin as manga (Japanese comics) and are then later picked up to be animate, much like how books are turned into films. For many, the animation style changes from the manga, becoming more detailed and expressive (like Haikyuu!!) but some of them have managed to keep the animation style almost eactly like the manga (Tokyo Ghoul). The skill to be able to animate a still photo and keep it the same, I think is very impressive.


Overall I think the Anime industry is only improving and in as little as a decade, I can only begin to imagine the types of animation styles and types of animators that will surface and if it will even become more photorealistic. But until then, I am quite content with styles and abilities that are around right now.

3D Pens

Many of us have heard about 3D printers which allow us to create objects out of thin air, but have you heard about the 3D pen. The first recognized 3D pen was the “3Doodler”. Very similar to a 3D printer, just one is hand sized now. How does the 3D pen work? The 3D pen is basically a safer hot glue gun. The pen is filled with a plastic based cartridge that melts and allows you to manipulate the matter into designs of your choosing. This can be a finicky piece of tech because if you release too much plastic it could possibly ruin your design. This new technology could have an endless amount of possibilities for uses, and the creativity will never end.


Designers, such as ourselves, could find this 3D pen to be very helpful. Eventually when we are introduced to 3D animation or Stop-Motion Animation we could use the pen to create our desired figure so we can reference it while creating it. Although we haven’t started animation yet I’m assuming it would be easier to have something that I could analysis so I can study all of the angles to get my animation just right.


What can we expect from this pen in the future? Both the 3D pen and printer have an endless amount of possibilities of their potential use. What are some possibilities? This technology could eventually be use to make materials for clothing, cars, and maybe even planes. 3D pens and 3D printers are also starting to be used in the health industry. For example, Grey’s Anatomy, a fictional TV show, had used this technology to make stints to save people’s lives. Although Grey’s Anatomy is a TV show it bases itself on real medical procedures and new technology that is used in actual hospitals.
Some may argue that a 3D pen may be useless or perhaps a waste of money, but I disagree. Already the technology has been helping out in medical procedures, and even saving lives, and a lot of people are not capable of doing that. Like I have stated before the possibilities are endless and the future is very bright for this technology. Maybe in the near future most of our materials will be made from either 3D printers or pens.