Connect & Empower Your Creative Mind with Bēhance

Much like writers, designers and developers can experience a period of time when they can’t access their inspiration or bring themselves to create new work. This creative block can be brought on by a mental block, an emotional barrier, personal problems or even communication breakdowns.

Adobe has done their best to build their creative community with multiple mobile apps, allowing for easy access and shareable content between team members. They even have an app (and webpage), dedicated to inspiration and sharing projects between Adobe users.

Behance gives you the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the minds of other creatives in the Adobe community. With the capability to explore millions of design projects created by designers all over the world, Behance is the answer to my creative block and encourages me to try new projects every day.

Upon signing into Behance, you are encouraged to follow as many creative fields as you would like from the following list:

  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Editorial
  • Infographic
  • Poster
  • Exhibition & Signage
  • Logo
  • Music Packaging

All content posted is tagged under these categories.

Now that you are following different fields from the industry, Behance turns the landing page into a sea of innovative and inspirational posts from other creatives. As you browse through different projects, you can appreciate other artists content with the thumbs up icon and establish creative connections in the Adobe community.

You also have the option to search through content based on creative tools, by schools and organizations or through curated galleries.

Behance offers a live video blog with scheduled tutorials and a live chat to encourage you to ask questions. Learn new ideas, techniques and trends from Adobe professionals on a daily basis. They keep an updated schedule available for you at all times, so you never miss an opportunity to better your skills.

Your Behance Profile is more than just a picture and a short ‘about you’ section. Behance offers you the opportunity to show off your skills, your work experience and even your references. You are able to create a shareable portfolio and even apply for jobs. The profile tab also gives you access to statistics of views and appreciations of your projects.

Behance gives you the freedom to showcase your designs and imagination while feeding your creative inspiration. Check out the Behance website today or download the app below.

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From the Beginner designer to Intermediate one – Part 2(Tips for Sharing)

Last week, I introduced the first tool : The colours. Miranda asked some questions about how to share with other Adobe registration or non-registration users, here I would like to answer her concern.
First, only the Adobe registered users could share and use the colour swatch.
Secondly, the created colour swatch could export as ASE(Adobe Swatch Exchange file) and images; it could create a link to share with others.
Thirdly, the colour swatch can share the message, mail, facebook, iCloud, Google Drive and work software or app for both PC and MAC or non-Adobe registered users.
As an interactive media designer who needs to draw on software and using the colours tool, buying an Adobe suite is necessary.

Back to today’s topic, I would like to introduce one more  tool in Adobe Capture CC which is brushes.

The purpose of the brushes tool is to let users record the patterns, images or a little doodles as brushes and used in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch.

The way to create brushes is similar to the colours tool, click on “+” again, and it will turn on the camera. There is a white dot shown in camera screen, drag it to your pattern area and take the picture. Crop the brush pattern capture area and then choose the styles you like in different Adobe software. Please notice that the brush styles are black and white in Photoshop and Illustrator, but it is colour brushes in Sketch brushes style. Under the presets menu, users can adjust the brushes attributes differently, and it’s different attributes settings between different software.

Finally, users can edit, duplicate, share brushes and upload to users library or template.

This brushes tool is quite handy when you try to draw complex symbols as a background pattern, and then merely repeating brushes will make your job easy and unique.

For the next post, I will elaborate the ultimate handy tool: patterns.

Inspiration in Your Pocket: The Subtle Art of Adobe Capture CC

As a Graphic Design student, Adobe Capture CC has quickly become my most reliable ally. Capture is part of Adobe’s mobile App family and easily the most beneficial for designers on the go. In 2016, Adobe combined four of its mobile asset building tools into one, forming a single app that can capture colours, patterns, materials, brushes, and shapes.

Adobe Capture CC opened the door to unlimited possibilities. With a few simple clicks on your mobile device, you can now create project assets from anywhere that are accessible all across Adobe’s mobile and desktop apps.



Originally, the shapes function was the reason I downloaded this App. Capture takes your sketchbook doodles and instantly turns them into vector shapes, you can also create shapes from high contrast photos.

Quick tip: Make sure to outline your doodles with a dark coloured marker before using the app, it will pick up the lines and curves easier.


Colour Themes

It’s so simple, just point and shoot for colour themes. Pulling colours from the real world has never been so easy. Snap a picture in the moment or use a picture from your camera roll on your phone and let Capture do the rest. Six movable circles will show up on the screen, once you’re happy with the colours picked, you can save your colour theme and use it over and over from your CC Library.



Create new and authentic patterns using the digital kaleidoscope with the Pattern tool. Select one of five geometric real time templates at the top of the screen and move your camera around until you find exactly what you’re looking for. The app prompts you to refine your pattern before saving it to your CC Library.

Furthermore, Capture goes above and beyond by building  textures and materials in seconds and also allows you to create customized brushes, forever creating original and authentic designs.

To top this digital sundae off with the perfect cherry, all assets created in Capture are instantly saved to your Creative Cloud Library making them accessible in all of your Adobe mobile and desktop apps. Creating genuinely original designs has never been so simple.

Adobe Capture CC is a designers dream and it fits right in your pocket.

There is more information available on Adobe’s website:

From the Beginner designer to Intermediate one – 1

As a beginner designer:


  • Do you feel frustrated when you are creating art, but the finished work is nothing like the one in your head before?
  • Compared with other artist’s fancy work, your art is simple, flat and you only can manipulate shapes and lines with the basic moves.
  • Are you amazed by beautiful, complex, and perfect patterns by other artists, you never thought of before.


If you are the one who is struggling under the situations as above, I would recommend to you a handy software to solve your problems. You could increase the level of your design; but most importantly is that it is easy to use with only several taps, and you can get the art by what you have seen or what you want to do.

The magic software is called Adobe Capture CC. Personal I love all design software by Adobe, but this one is my favourite. With it, I finished most of my design exercises.

Adobe Capture CC could help users design their unique shapes, font, colour theme, 3D materials, patterns and brushes, all the design element you made are saved to your personal Adobe account in your library or template. Furthermore, I will explain all the functions in my blog.

Let’s start together with the easiest, most practical tool: the colours.


The purpose of colours is to help the user choose the colour theme from a picture or in their real life.

The way to create your colours is simple: click on “+” to start new colours, and make a choice that where the colours sources from picture or you could use your camera to take the picture of the colours you want. Immediately, there will be several dots that show on your pictures, and you drag the dots to the exact colours you like and save this. The colour swatch will update to Adobe library automatically, you can use in Photoshop, Illustrator and so on.

For example, if you were required to draw a tiger in your design, you could Google the picture of a real tiger, and save the colours to your library, then you can have a vivid tiger without any colour difference from real one in your art now.

For the next post, I will elaborate more on the brushes with helpful tips.



Unleash Your Creativity

Have you ever thought of a project that would represent your creativity as no other project might? Have you not started working on it because of the lack of time and resources? Well, good news! Adobe created this fantastic program called Adobe Creative Residency. It started a couple years ago and took candidates only in the U.S. However, this year it is opened to all of us! For 2017 it will take six residents from the U.S, Germany and Canada!

The program gives candidates the opportunity to work on a personal creative project for a whole year. The entire point of it is sharing the residents’ experience, so they inspire others to know about new and different methods and processes for creating.

What comes with the residency? Pretty much everything you’ve ever wished for as a creative. They will provide all the tools you might need to develop your very own personal project for a whole year, and you’ll receive guidance from advisors. Additionally, they will pay you a salary and handle all you expenses for the residency duration.


What’s the catch? As I mentioned before, the whole point of the program is sharing so, everyone will be looking at you for the entire year while you work on your project. You’ll need to focus on your craft, your strengths and weaknesses; as well as sharing your creative learnings, processes, failures and successes via social media, conferences, and workshops. Personally, I think that having the time and space to figure out your creative process in just a year is a change most of us won’t have.

This might sound a bit scary and like a lot of pressure, but it is a great chance to get to figure out how to start a career and how to get things done, not to mention the great work you can add to your portfolio!

For 2017 the Adobe Creative Residency will focus on projects focused on photography, graphic design (Print and Digital), UX / UI design, graphic composition, video (mainly YouTube and Vimeo) and illustration. Your creative field is not listed there? It’s ok. They encourage candidates to apply even if their projects are in different areas.

How would you like being part of such a great project while being a part of a team like Adobe?

Adobe Creative Cloud

Cloud, Flix and Toothbrushes

I’m sure many of us have heard of Adobe’s new subscription-based service, the Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s a steal for students with its low monthly price of $20, which gives full access to all of Adobe’s programs and software. It’s a much more convenient alternative to simply buying each individual product, and is also a sign of a growing trend among services and the way we interact with them. Another example of this trend would be Netflix, a service that gives access to all kinds of shows and movies that you pay for monthly.



Subscription-based services aren’t anything new. We’ve seen it with various other kinds of products, such as magazines, but recently it’s been extending to other kinds of products that haven’t been a part of the subscription module until now. Books have already become a popular subscription based service with unlimited E-book access for a monthly pay. Will this eventually spread to other products and services? Will everything be subscription based in the future? What other services will benefit from this rising method of pay, completely changing the way we look at buying products and services?



Toothbrushes, of course.

Monthly services now have more potential than ever before due to the rise of digital products and online business, making it easy for people to sign up and allowing for better buyer and seller communication.

Obviously, like any business model, it’s not perfect. The success of subscriptions has a lot to do with balancing the advantages with the disadvantages. Physical copies of products are more expensive, but you can use them without access to the internet, and you have it forever. With the Creative Cloud, you have it as long as you have the subscription, making it less permanent. However, get a monthly subscription and you never run out of whatever product you’re paying for, and it’s common to have a free one month trial of the service to make sure you’ll want to stick with it. It works well because it benefits both the buyer and the seller, and as long as you’re consistently using the software it offers, you’ll get your money’s worth.

The Cloud

Before now I’ve never been very fond of subscription-based services; I’d rather buy the product, have it forever and never have to think about paying for it again. However, ever since the introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud, Netflix, and toothbrushes, I’ve started getting used to this new method of pay since it doesn’t show signs of going away anytime soon.