Student Discounts: Why you should use them to your advantage.

a man with a wallet counting moneyIf there is one thing that I’ve learned while being as student, is how sometimes costs can really add up. Various brands and retailers do offer discounts for students, and it is best to take advantage of them ( specially if you are paying major costs every month, such as loan payments, living costs, etc.). Here is a few examples where you can get the value for your money as a student.

Music Streaming Services

If you are a fan of music or podcasts, there is many streaming services that offer discounts for students, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Both of these services offer their Premium services for only $4.99, that includes playback without any commercials, and exclusive content on each platform.

Amazon Prime

Sometimes shopping locally doesn’t cut it when you are trying to buy on the cheaper side, or for something specific. With Amazon Prime for students, you get free two-day shipping, Prime Video (Which streams TV shows and movies), as well as Twitch Prime (essential if you like to see video game streamers on the regular), plus a few other services. For only $39.99, you get a lot of bang for your buck if you are a student.


There is plenty of options in Brandon to get a bite. Many restaurants in the Brandon area such as Dominos and Chilli Chutney offer discounts for students. Dominos offers 40% off pizza when you order online as a student, while Chilli Chutney offers 10% off their menu.

The Paw Pass

ACC Students get the Paw Pass, which gives many discounts to various businesses around the Brandon Area, that includes discounts in dining, entertainment, health services, apparel, and other businesses that might be useful to you.

I would highly recommend to checkout the pamphlet provided by ACC which lists the many discounts you can get as an ACC Student. To learn more about the various discounts the Paw Pass offers, click here!