Strategies on self-regulated learning at Assiniboine Community College

College can be overwhelming for some students and can be challenging to adapt to. Here is some helpful tips supporting your needs at college to make it a safer environment for you!

Just keep things simple, be yourself and College should be just fine.

10 things on how to start off College right!

  1. Being on time for class/school. – Be reliable and responsible for your classes.
  2. Improve on your work – take good and bad feedback, you can always learn from your mistakes.
  3. Know where your classes are – know the location and room number of your classes.
  4. Don’t plagiarize – cite or reference your work and make sure your work isn’t someone else’s.
  5. Don’t procrastinate – leaving assignments last minute
  6. Stay organized – make sure your file structure is organized
  7. Show interest – be grateful for your education, some people don’t have the opportunity.
  8. Make sure you got the right tools and supplies – binders, usb drives, external hard drives, laptop or PC, notebooks, pens and pencils etc.
  9. Make friends – with fellow students in class or other programs also Instructors.
  10. Be yourself – just don’t impersonate anyone, everyone is unique on their own way. I would suggest being yourself is a better way to present yourself.

How to become more professional while attending College!

  • Be on time or ahead for classes and meetings.
  • Act as a reliable student with time and management – Know your times and days for classes. (Use google calendar)
  • Be respectful for everyone in college: Students, Instructors, Employees, Visitors etc.
  • Pay attention in class – put your cell phone on silent (keep phone on silent or turn it off), make eye contact – show your listening and understanding the information the Instructor is providing you with.
  • Ask for help, It can draw a lot of unwanted attention towards a student while asking for help but just don’t suffer in silence (sos).
  • Come to class prepared – Be on time, have your laptop/computer on you and be ready to take notes – if they are helpful for you.

How Assiniboine Community College can help you improve your learning skills

Assiniboine Community College has a lot of supports such as the learning curve centre. The learning curve supports you with:

Academic Needs: The learning curve supports you with college work! heres how.

  1. Learning strategies – Good note taking, organizing your work, setting goals and also helping with test preparation for test anxiety. They are also helpful with memory techniques and assisting you on finding out your learning style to help you shape yourself into a great student.
  2. Writing Assignments – Researching and Planning, Developing thesis statements and also with editing and proofreading. Learning curve also helps with many math courses and any program studies.
  3. Computer Skills – They help get familiar with a computer and Microsoft applications.
A women looking stuck on an assignment, She should of juts made an appointment at the Learning curve.