Sound you can See!

If your into music as much as I am, you go crazy  when you see an new piece of equipment, all the lights and the buttons attorney things play Christmas walking into a music store just one Christmas present that I would encourage you to check out it’s called the  Roland M5000.

If you go to the Roland home page  at it has a picture of the Roland m5000 Roland m5000 c these are a series of live mixing consoles and big letters that says “ A  new era in live audio mixing”

I’m going to skip all the fluff about  the nominations and awards that they won, and get right down to the nitty-gritty of the stats and performance of this new piece of recording Technology.

OHRCA  (Pronounced “or-ca”) and short for Open High-Resolution Configurable Architecture Is mixing board  that is said to “bring adaptability to the upworld of audio mixing.

There are many benefits to the Roland m5000 sea or the m5000, such as:

-it’s configurable architecture 128 freely definable  in/out audio paths.

-the extensibility of the mixing  console is tremendous allowing numerous audio networks In/Out needs.

-BN 5000 has 28 faders in 4 banks

– it also has remote control allowing you to operate the console from a computer on a second or third display.

-high resolution in order to get the best sound quality possible– out of the gear that you have it has sampling rate of 96 kilohertz and was designed with careful of the analog and digital realms.

It has a user interface with the ability to adopt allowing a more flexible workflow the engineer.  It also has a 12” touch screen allowing the engineer too quickly change any parameters that are necessary.

this recording console does not require a computer it is a standalone mixing console recording live instruments in a large spacious setting such as a staged event, or in a huge home studio.

If you’re looking something to give you the power and the freedom Smith’s live audio this is something you should look into. here is a youtube link for you to get a better idea of the power of this console

Youtube link for digital console.