Something New and Fun!

I am a student attending Assiniboine Community College (ACC), taking Interactive Media Arts (IMA) course. Everyone I know and run into always asks me “So are you attending school? What course are you taking?”. My exact words for that is “I am taking a course called IMA.” Every single person will look at me with a confused look, my response to that is “IMA stands for Interactive Media Arts, it has to do with a lot of graphic design.” This is just an easy way to explain to them what the course is about. The program is a two year course, no pre-requirements acquired. This course is much more than just designing, it’s about learning more and improving your skills on what you already know. A lot of the things that we do in this course is preparing ourselves for future jobs, and how we present ourselves to a client.

You’re probably wondering who can take this course and how would someone find out about this. Anyone can take this course whether you like designing, video games, or you just came across it and want to check it out. A majority of the other students in my class are computer game savvy. They like the graphics of video games they all play such as, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Battlefield, Skyrim etc. Then there are ones like me, I have never played a complex video game (if you consider any of the ones I’ve listed complex) I am more of a Wii person, I like my Mario Kart. I never thought about video games being in the graphic design field for some reason, it never crossed my mind. I was just interested in Photoshop and Illustrator when I was in grade 10.

When I found out about this course I was interested in it, it fit into what I enjoyed doing. I went for a spend a day with who is now a second year IMA student and I got to see what this course was actually about. It was sure an eye opener. It was different than what I thought it was going to be. You get to do things like creating small icons, posters, design your own personal website, and you do some writing as well. There are so much stuff you get to learn and do everyday.

If you’re a gamer, or have a creative mind and a love for technology this is a course I will recommend. Even if you just want something new and fun to do. I assure you, you will enjoy this course, especially if you are doing something you like. You learn something new everyday, why not try something new?


One thought on “Something New and Fun!

  1. Definitely, a gives a good starting idea for anyone interested in taking the course. Keeps a professional tone while letting the reader know that it is not all-serious business all the time. For myself, I had zero prior skill with any of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs and now I feel that I have a good handle on their basic use. Another thing too, before really getting into the program, my first career path was into video game development. Now, I like the idea of working on logos, illustrations and many of the ‘behind the scenes’ things for companies. What I would say though, add a little more detail to what is used in IMA in terms of programs as well as adding in the developing side of things instead of just focusing on the graphic design side. As well, include the bit of video and audio editing. Though not as big a part of the Design side of IMA, they are, still skills learned in the first half of our first year. Otherwise, very well constructed with a few minor things that I would make changes to in terms of grammar/spelling.

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