Solipsism and Technology

This will be crazy and trippy at the same time but if you’re really interested to know what’s gonna happen then you can read on.

I have been watching lots of videos about how the power of technology can make a replica of a human being. Recently, Sophia, the robot has been given some pretty neat features. She can walk, talk and act like a normal human being. But I’m not gonna talk about Sophia the Robot and how her species are soon going to take over this planet (maybe). I’m here to talk about SOLIPSISM and TECHNOLOGY. I know it gets weird.


It started with just one video, that really captured my eye. Well, some people may know what solipsism is but if you’re not one of them I can help you out with that. Solipsism is a theory that is really hard to wrap your head around but it gets exciting (or maybe it’s just me). So, Solipsism basically translates to alone and self in Latin. This theory is where only one mind in reality actually exists. For example, if your mind is the only mind that exists then everyone you know in your life is simply not real, they are just almost in your head, a figment on your mind or your consciousness. Nothing exists externally. You still don’t get it, don’t you? Here’s another example, right now you’re probably reading this and someone in the room goes out and tells you’ll that they are just going for a walk, but you how do know for sure. Or maybe your mom told you that they just got out of work, how do you know for sure? What if you’re wrong, what if your mind, your reality is the only true reality and everything around it doesn’t exist unless you’re witnessing it. Now, do you get it?


You might even ask why is she talking about solipsism and then include technology. Our minds can think a lot of situations where we only wanted that to exist. But we can only make it work when we are partnered up with technology. People who write fan-fiction or maybe fictional books and people who make fictional movies are the best examples of solipsism and technology. I was doing some research on how this would even make sense, I saw a short movie about it and I was surprised. The short movie is called SIGHT  and if you watch it and maybe understand it a bit, you’ll get my point of view. The movie is all about the possibilities of the plain room in theory. There’s an obvious link between it and older things like meditation, sensory deprivation, hallucinogens, and even just sublime settings, euphoric moments, or a blank page to fill that can allow for creative mental play.


One thought on “Solipsism and Technology

  1. Very thought provoking piece, Alex. This theory is quite intriguing, and I’ve actually pondered this very idea during some sleepless nights. It’s very interesting and asks some big questions about our very existence. To live in a world where the only thing that truly exists is yourself, and everyone else is just a projection of you mind. That sounds like something the late Stephen Hawking may have prophesied. Although, according to this theory, Dr. Hawking never existed, and neither do you. I didn’t quite understand how you related this theory to technology though. I haven’t watched the video yet, but perhaps it will educate me.

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