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If you are a Snapchat user, you know that it can be a fun social media platform to share a quick picture or video of what you’re up to with your pals. It’s loaded with tons of features that are constantly improved and updated; from filters, stickers, and funny face-changers, to plug-ins like Bitmoji to personalize your snaps. With millions of daily active users, there is no doubt that this app is both successful and popular. The company has recently re-branded as Snap Inc., as well as implementing a new gadget to improve user’s experience with the app: the Snap Spectacles.

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These glasses, or Spectacles as they are branded, contain cameras in the frames that allow the users to film their daily activity without using their phone’s camera. Snaps can be shot in first person view, allowing Snappers to shoot amazing footage to share with their friends. Gone are the days of, “Hey, film me doing this!” With the Snap Spectacles, you can film your antics as they happen, and share stories shown in your perspective. When you’re done, put them back in the case to charge them, simple as that. According to, the Spectacles can record up to 100 10-second snaps in one charge. They come in Coral, Teal, and Black, and cost $129.99 USD.

Snap Inc. has also developed a marketing scheme that some are calling genius. By combining a “scavenger-hunt” style acquisition, and a limited quantity to be sold, Snap Inc took its users’ world by storm with the SnapBot.

Snapbot is a cute, friendly, travelling vending machine that looks almost like a Minion from Despicable Me. Customers must track down the vending machine’s whereabouts in order to get a pair – and even with this inconvenience, the glasses sold out in many of Snapbot’s visited locations.

Fortunately for consumers, and due to high demand and popularity, Snap Inc has recently made the glasses available online for anyone to purchase. Considering that the Snapbot only travels in the USA, this makes things a lot easier for anyone living outside of the States.

Cameras in glasses are nothing new. While many outside the target demographic might think $130 for a social media accessory is ridiculous, the sheer popularity of the app, coupled with the fairly young (and impulsive) demographic of 12-24 made this product a huge success for Snap Inc.

Do you snap? Would you buy these, and do you think they would get used often, or that the novelty would wear off after a while?

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  1. These sunglasses sound really cool. I feel, because of the success Snapchat has received, these sunglasses are sure to be a hit. I have a few concerns though. When a person is wearing them and recording something, do they light up or show some kind of indication that they are in the “recording” mode. If not, then this could get out of hand and people could begin to use them for negative uses. They are also expensive, and I know I would never hand over 130 bucks for a pair of novelty sunglasses. However, I agree that the demographic these are targeted towards is an impulsive one, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up flying off the shelves.

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