Sequelitis Screaming GOATS Edition.

GOATS. The ever living plague that assaults the viewer base of the Overwatch League is facing a challenge these days thankfully. In the form of our newest support, Baptiste.

As I discussed in my previous post on the state of the OWL, GOATS has been running the scene for the past month or so. This is an issue as far as entertainment value goes, and I for one am kinda itching to see these dps players get their time in the sun.

(Baptiste screenshot courtesy of Activision Blizzard Entertainment)

The Man, the Myth, the Legend.

Baptiste has finally been released into the live game, a new support hero who brings the damage and the ability to end goats. His final release has been given an incredible toolkit with utility on every inch of it. This means he will either destroy GOATS or become it’s absolute savior. Speaking from his kit he is essentially the teams new Zenyatta which can play one of two ways:

We either see him played in the role of Zenyatta and see a drastic change in how GOATS is played.

Or the preferable option is that because of the Zen nerf it’s no longer viable to play GOATS how it once was, where Zen basically carried the team by adding a damage debuff to the enemy. While Baptiste can apply a damage buff to his allies it only applies to projectiles meaning almost all of GOATS can’t take advantage of it!

Combine this with the list on list of other changes we got on the 19th and we might have done it people! Now I know not everyone was a fan of “dive meta” overwatch but in sheer numbers of characters it is the preferable alternative. Dive had 21 or more of the characters in the roster being played normally, GOATS has about 7 or 8 being played every game.

The Best Part

The second stage of the OWL is about to be under way and they will now be playing on the current patch. Meaning they will be playing with this character and with the changes done to everyone else. The viewing experience of the OWL has now gotten so much better for everyone as we have new tricks, new skills, and new compositions to learn!

One thought on “Sequelitis Screaming GOATS Edition.

  1. I haven’t played Overwatch seriously since Orisa came out, but seeing blizzard experiment with support characters every few seasons gives me hope that this trends in other games. I like this mix of DPS/healing, so i’m excited to check out Baptiste next time I play. I can tell you really know a lot about the current state of the Overwatch community, and the games ins and outs so it shows in your writing here.

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