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In this post, I will be talking about Matt Scott’s [Hobart Based Cinematographer] ( blog. His blog talks about things that are based around cinematography. The tutorials help be a better cinematographer. He writes about how he feels about a topic like what it’s like to watch anything that was filmed. He tries to figure out what they used and has fun doing it.

I’m not the biggest fan of the front page because there is a lot of text and it is really small and it seems to be really long even when it isn’t that much.  Also, the picture and video are really big in comparison to the text but that is also really nice because you can just watch the video without going fullscreen.  The theme of the blog isn’t that eye checking and is very boring combined with the small text. One problem I have with the main page it the fact that the sidebar is more eye-catching than the main posts. There is also the fact that although the title to the post is big enough to read, you have to go into the post to read the full post.

His blog is also really nice because if you are more interested in him, he has links to other websites where you can view some of his work. There is also a sidebar which if you want to see the older posts you can view them by month with the year besides it. He has posts from May 2012 up to October 2018. His tutorials are also really helpful for the information he provides and the wide array of things like lighting and also finding videos of others who he thinks are good for any cinematographer.  The sidebar also has a lot of things besides the months and years to see posts. You can subscribe to the blog by putting your email in and get notified when he posts. There is a link to see videos that he has for download and if you’re looking for a certain post you can use the search bar. Then there is a list of the newest post after the search bar. One thing I find interesting about the blog is that he has a big banner as soon as you open the blog.  

Overall, I think his blog looks really professional and is put together really well. 

Thank you for reading. 

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