School Security An Increasing Concern For Brandon Students

While the academic year for students at Assiniboine Community College is coming to a close, Students are not only trying to finish up last minute assignments, But in doing so they’re also spending late hours at the college in order to complete their year. Over the past year one sole problem has plagued students of Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College alike: Lack of security guards to keep them safe while they’re spending time working on assignments. With the college being open until midnight each day, This is especially an issue when students are working on projects into the early hours of the morning.


While Paladin Security, The nationwide security company responsible for patrolling other places in Brandon such as the Shoppers Mall, The Town Centre and the Keystone Centre, Is responsible for handling security measures at Brandon University as well, Students at Assiniboine Community College’s Victoria Avenue East campus and Brandon University are growing increasingly concerned with their safety. A number of reported thefts of student property and break-ins to parked cars have been reported to the Facebook page “Brandon University Residence Students” (BURS), which has over 300 active members,  only adding to the growing concern of students for not only their own safety, but the safety of their possessions.  



ACC student Dan Botan expressed a concern for his safety at the Victoria Avenue East campus. “Often times they infrequently check rooms” said Botan, Only adding to the growing concern for student safety. Representatives for both Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University did not respond to Newsline’s attempts for comments, So one can only wonder if going into the next academic year security numbers will be boosted.

If you are a student at the college and are concerned with security, More Information for security services at Assiniboine Community College can be accessed via their website.

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