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Ranked Graphic Design Software’s

We live in an age where technology is always changing; letting the user have even more possibilities at the tip of their fingers. The same goes for design software’s for graphic designers. Today’s blog will be part one in a two-part blog about the top ranked design software’s for computers, and apps for tablets and mobiles.


Well I have had the chance to try out a couple of these software’s, I unfortunately haven’t tried out all of them, so with a little research, hopefully I’ll be able to do this justice. For computers, the top ranked design software in my opinion, as well as according to The Top Tens, is the Adobe Creative Suite. The Adobe Creative Suite comes with many different programs within it that graphic designers love. With Photoshop for editing images, Illustrator for creating graphics, and InDesign for designing page layouts, Adobe seems to have everything a designer could ever want. By purchasing the whole Creative Suite, you get these programs plus even more to explore and try out. You can purchase programs individually or purchase the entire suite annually for $800.83 CAD, or monthly for $70.74 CAD. I love the Adobe Creative Suite because it’s easy to use and even when you feel like a master at this software, there’s always more tips and tricks to learn so the possibilities are endless.

Illustrator Program

Adobe Illustrator Software

Next up on the list is CorelDRAW. Now I have never personally used this software, however I do know people and companies who do use it and love it. Much like Adobe, CorelDRAW has extensions or sub-software’s specific to certain aspects of graphic design such as Corel Photo Paint and Corel AfterShot for editing photos. They also offer different levels of their software, one for graphic designers which would be a little more advanced, and a “home and student” offer which would have a little less to it. You can currently purchase the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 for $569 CAD. This is one of the leading industry design software’s, so I would definitely like to check it out and compare it to Adobe in the future.

CorelDRAW Design Software

CorelDRAW Software

If you’d like to hear about the third ranked design software for computers according to The Top Tens, as well as the top apps for tablets and mobiles, then check out my next blog to read part two!

5 thoughts on “Ranked Graphic Design Software’s

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog I have found it really informative with lots of evidences, I like the honesty you used telling the reader that you haven’t tried any of the softwares you have talked about because in my opinion I can feel related to you. I like that u have put a link for the best ten Graphic Design Software Programs so the reader can get more information and decided the best option for them. I like that u have talked about the prices for months and annually in Canadian money. I will like to learn more about why you love the Adobe Creative Suite and also learn the tips and tricks. When you talk about the CorelDraw you have include the opinion of other people and i found it really interesting that you have not just your opinion it also the opinion of someone else.

  2. I have also only used Adobe for graphic design. I haven’t even looked into other software because Adobe works quite well for me and as you mentioned in your post, there is many different programs that you can use within the Suite. It’s hard to even start looking for other software to try because the majority of people use the Adobe Suite and many of the software or software packages out there are a bit expensive to just try. It will be interesting to see what other types of software will emerge in the future and if it will knock Adobe off the throne.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog, it was very informative and full of good information for anyone who is interested in graphic design. It is always good to find lists on good programs and tools to use, and your list is based on fact and not just on opinion. I think listing what the programs offer and how much they cost is a good way to rank the programs. Using facts really helps to not bias the reader one way or the other. Being in Canada it’s also nice to see prices in Canadian Dollars and not US. dollars. I am excited to read part two of this blog to hear the rest of the list.

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  5. I like the way how you explain different graphic design tools which are often use nowadays. It’s very informative. As you talked about CorelDraw in your second part, I feel that it’s completely true because I have some experience to work with CorelDraw because in my home country India, instead of using Illustrator and InDesign designers often use CorelDraw for Logo designing, Banner and Poster Designing, and any kind of graphics work. Actually, it’s very effective to work with vectors. Personally, I like some tools such as Mesh Fill Tool, Blend Tool, Quick Trace, Trace Bitmap Tool and many more. So, I feel that CorelDraw is a very effective tool for graphic design. And overall your blog is very informative.

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