Prototype of VR Treadmill Could Change VR Forever

We are understanding VR technology more and more every day. But how far can we go? Innovators and developers continue to push the boundaries of making Virtual Reality into reality. And Infinadeck is one of those things that could change VR forever.

Infinadeck is an active omni-directional VR treadmill that lets you walk in any direction. The goal of it is to immerse the player into the game, making it as life-like as possible. Currently, moving in VR is done by pointing to where you want to stand. Although, if you are moving less than 5 feet, you don’t need to point and can just move normally around in your play area. This technology could greatly change the way VR games are done and could open the door to developers, giving them fewer restrictions.



The way the treadmill works is there are two treadmills working at the same time. One for forwards and backwards, and one for left and right. So, when you walk at an angle both of the treadmills work at once. That’s the general concept behind it. It’s much more complex than that, but of course, the Infinadeck’s makers won’t release all of the info on how it works. The Infinadeck also includes a ring that is meant to support the player’s balance. The ring also appears in the VR demo, that way the player will know where they can put their hands if they need the support.

Those who have tried it, say there is a learning curve. I also wondered if it was even possible to run on it. Well, in this video they explain that some of their staff were able to get a grasp on it and comfortably run on them. Hopefully, when the consumer version is released it will have a less steep learning curve.

Advances like this really get me excited about all the possibilities for VR. While the technology is pretty new, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths it can be taken.