Pothole Season Brings Awareness to Community

How citizens of Brandon can deal with the dangers of potholes during this time of year.

With most of the snow melted, it may seem like our roads and streets are completely safe for driving. But as it turns out, that’s not always the case; especially at this time of year. Potholes usually form in the spring season because of the melted snow, which then causes water to seep into cracks in the pavement. When temperatures drop below 0 degrees, water freezes which can push the pavement out of place, creating a pothole. Potholes are most likely to form in area with poor drainage and lots of heavy traffic. More information on how potholes are formed can be found on the City of Brandon’s Website

Recently, a large pothole on Victoria Avenue near Assiniboine Community College was filled by Provincial Services. This is because Victoria Avenue falls under the jurisdiction of the Province of Manitoba. That spot was a hazard that had been unchecked for quite some time. It had taken months for the province to address the issue, and some citizens of Brandon aren’t too happy about it.

“I think it’s really frustrating as a driver, constantly having to, not only pay attention to other drivers around you, but the road itself”, says Brandon resident, Marshall Littlefield.

If you notice a pothole that seems dangerous for drivers, you can actually report through an online form on the City of Brandon’s website. However, roadways, like Victoria, that are under provincial jurisdiction do not fall within Brandon’s pothole patching program. Alternatively, there is a pothole hotline  that one can call at 729-2200, which is open 24 hours.

It can take a while for the pothole to be addresses, so when approaching one, drivers are advised to reduce their speed, but not brake when driving over the hole as this can cause more damage. Hitting a pothole straight on can result in tire puncture, wheel rim damage, steering system misalignment, engine damage, and exhaust system damage. If you experienced damages from potholes, it’s advised to go to your local tire shop and get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible.