People should use their blinker.

Turn signals are important especially when it comes to driving. 

There are plenty of terrible driving habits, but one of the most annoying ones must be the inability to use a turn signal. While it may not seem like a big deal, it’s actually a huge problem.


People who have been driving for years should have the knowledge that they should be using their signal lights. Especially when they are merging into different lanes or even when they are switching lanes.


Just because we live in a city that has a smaller size than Vancouver or Toronto doesn’t mean that the drivers should not be using the blinker.


Drivers avoid using their turn signals as much as they do. However, the real question is why so many drivers would not do it?


So I interviewed a few people, and asked their thoughts about people who should be using their blinker while driving.



Keeping your blinker on when you don’t intend to turn can be just as annoying and dangerous as having it off when you do turn. No matter where you are driving — you are required to use your signal.


23 percent of drivers don’t use turn signals because they are too “lazy” to do it. If people are really lazy to perform such a simple task, it will be causing a lot more accidents in the streets or maybe the highway.