Pedestrian Traffic Safety

Safety is a major concern in today’s news. Traffic safety and pedestrian’s safety is also becoming a major issue. When crossing the street or driving past cross walks everyone must be alert and aware of what is happening. Some people are not as cautious as they should be though. People walking across the street and not using crosswalks are at risk. Although there are many crosswalks around the city many don’t seem to be using them. Walking across major traffic areas when it is not safe to do so has become a major trend and a major safety problem. Why are so many not using crosswalks and just walking across busy streets? Pedestrians say that the crosswalk buttons take to long to change when it is safe to walk. Others say that the button sometimes just doesn’t register and never changes. Although most pedestrians will wait for the lights to change others do not and just decide to walk across without waiting. This creates major safety issues with dangerous outcomes for both pedestrians and drivers alike. I spoke to students that walk and drive to get their thoughts on this topic. The biggest concern is somebody getting hurt or getting into accidents.

Besides just pedestrians being at risk, drivers are also part of the problem. Many drivers aren’t paying as much attention as they should, and it is easily to become distracted while driving. When people just walk out in front of oncoming traffic, it takes the driver by surprise and sometimes too late to react. Some drivers don’t stop at all either because they don’t see the pedestrians, or they don’t realize there is a crosswalk. This leads to fatalities on the roads and other accidents. Its not just adults and elderly people crossing streets but also children. Children are a lot less careful and can cross streets when it isn’t safe to do so. Many say the reason for this is because schools and parents aren’t teaching their kids enough about traffic safety and the well-known rule to “look both ways when crossing the street.”

So, what is being done so that everyone is safe on the roads. Besides just having a sign when there is a crosswalk, there are more crosswalks with lights so that drivers can see when pedestrians are crossing. More crosswalks are also having louder and clearer beeping sounds so that people know hen to cross. More traffic safety is being taught in schools, especially in major cities so that children and adults are becoming more aware of the rules and safety of the streets. Hopefully everyone, pedestrians and drivers alike, will become more aware of traffic safety and that everyone will use crosswalks to avoid accidents. Eventually crossing the streets will be safer than it is today, and pedestrian traffic accidents will reduce significantly.