Olly, the Robot with a Personality

Imagine, a black donut shaped robot that will rise to greet you and face in your direction whenever speaking.  A robot that doesn’t just respond with a voice, but also responds with light patterns.

Meet Olly, your robot with a personality.

Olly is a brain-inspired artificial intelligence formed by a group of machine and neuroscience learning scientists.  Olly is a robot you are able to have a conversation with, and is always there to help.  And since you are a unique person, every Olly is different and unique, depending on your daily conversations and interactions.

A couple of years ago in London the first Olly prototype was showed on stage at the TechCrunch Battlefield, and this year they picked up multiple awards for the product which include four innovation awards; Smart Home, Drones and Unnamed Systems, Home Appliances, and Home Audio-video Accessories.

Since the Olly was presented, many things were changed.  The overall design of Olly is completely changed, the company itself has built a speech recognition, and all hardware is tailor made.  They have used shape, colour, and movement to create a UI system.  This allows Olly to express its personality and emotions.

To show just how unique each Olly is, Emotech had a booth at CES where they had two Olly’s present.  The first Olly was very energetic and wanted to start a conversation with anyone who walked by.  Olly number two would wait patiently for someone to come up to it to start a conversation.  The booth was to show that Olly has deep-learning capabilities, which means if you were to buy one yourself, Olly would slowly become more like you when it starts to understand you and your daily routines.

But what else can Olly do?  Olly is also quite similar to Amazon’s Echo and/or Google Home.  Olly can look up questions for you, and you can connect it to your smartphone.  But with it’s deep-learning capabilities Olly is then able to detect things such as wanting to listen to music and what type of music.

Olly is not yet available to the public, but when it is the price should be around $700.

What do you think about Olly?

One thought on “Olly, the Robot with a Personality

  1. Olly sounds like another robot that I don’t think I can trust. For me I don’t really like even giving Siri commands. Olly kind of sounds like it is trying to learn to much about me. That is what scares me the most. Will it learn a whole lot and sell my information online, or is it my friend. I like my technology smart but not tooo smart.

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