Nintendo Labo: Release date and more!

Nintendo is launching a new project called Nintendo Labo  on the 20th of April later this year.

Nintendo Labo:  What is it?
The Nintendo Labo kits will provide sheets of modular cardboard pop-outs in which kids or adults who are kids-at-heart can piece together to create an assortment of things. The creations will then be paired with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, which for the sake of the product they have given the name “Toy-Cons”.

Nintendo Labo: What can I create?
There will be two kits available to be purchased, with both offering completely different creations to be put together.  The first kit, the Variety Kit, will come with the resources to build two toy RC cars, a fishing rod, a toy house, a motorbike, and a piano. Of course, you won’t be able to do any REAL fishing or stunts on the motorbike, but all toys creations will pair with games that will be displayed on the switch’s screen.

The second kit, the Robot Kit, will come with the resources to build a cool robot suit. In this mode, you will be able to create your very own robot, which will be viewed on your tv screen, and controlled through the creation you build with the provided materials. In this mode, you’ll be able to run around and destroy UFO’s and tall buildings (No people are inside. Don’t worry!).

Nintendo Labo: Why should I  buy this?
The Nintendo Labo kits were created to bring curiosity and creativity to people both young and old. The switch screen will provide on-screen instructions on how to piece the creations together, as well as explain to them how things work.

It will help strengthen the mind in a fun and creative way that will keep the child’s attention (and take them away from Mario or Zelda for a good amount of time).

Nintendo Labo: How much will it cost?
The Variety Kit will be sold for $69.99, and the Robot Kit will be sold for $79.99. This may seem like a high price for some cardboard, but this also includes the Nintendo Switch game cartridge, which most games are sold for $79.99 anyways.

Will Labo live up to its hype? We can’t say for sure yet. But I’ll be excited to try it out for myself.

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  1. I thought your topic was very interesting after watching that video Derrek showed us in class of these cardboard creations in action. It is a very creative and fun way to get kids to enjoy the simple things along side of technology. I thought the price was a bit high for cardboard creations until you mentioned they come with the game they are based on. Having the game come with the creations really makes sense for the price as you’re right the games themselves are usually pretty costly. I love this idea and the information you found on this topic it is very informative and well written.

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