New NBA “City Edition” Jerseys. My Personal Favorites and Opinions

NBA “City Edition” Jerseys: A Fresh Start For jersey Design


Nike has taken over the NBA for the 2017-18 season as the league’s new jersey manufacturer. Because of this, we knew that we could expect some fresh new designs out on the court this season. Nike has come out with a new alternate jersey for each of the 30 teams in the league called a “City Edition” jersey. These jerseys are meant to have designs that aspire to a deeper level of meaning around the city’s or team’s history. I think that this is a fantastic idea and after seeing the designs, I can say this is just what’s the NBA and all of professional sports needed in the design department. Pretty much all of the designs are extremely unique and represent the team or city very well. I’m here to give my opinions on some of my personal favorites that were revealed.

Golden State Warriors

This jersey pays homage to the Chinese culture in the San Francisco bay area and while the Warriors have done this idea before, this is definitely the best one. The logo with the Chinese dragon looks fantastic and the addition of red amplifies the Chinese culture even more.

Los Angeles Lakers

Pays homage to Kobe Bryant’s nickname “The Black Mamba” by using a scaly snake pattern. Very unique and a great way to celebrate Kobe’s first year of retirement.

Miami Heat

A throwback to the 1980’s in Miami when Miami Vice was all the talk. The bold pink, baby blue, and black is much different than the Heat are used to wearing but I think it looks fantastic.

Orlando Magic

This is the wildest jersey design to hit the NBA since the early 2000s but I think that designs like this are great and they make a team stand out and be unique. The space design looks really cool and is something I never thought i’d see on a professional sports jersey.

Utah Jazz

My personal favorite reveal. The design is based on the red rocks that are all over the state of Utah. This color scheme fits the team much better than their usual navy, yellow and green and I wouldn’t be against them adapting it full time. The jagged rock pattern down the side panels is also a really nice touch.

So those are some of my favorites. I would love to hear what yours are. Here is a link to see all 30 of the jerseys that were revealed.

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2 thoughts on “New NBA “City Edition” Jerseys. My Personal Favorites and Opinions

  1. These are really cool designs! I had no idea that a basketball jersey could represent a city, but not only just a city but the feeling of the city! The Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz are all tied for my favorite! I’m disappointed in the Raptors design, I feel as though they could have done a better job as to representing not only Toronto but Canada, we are more than just the “north”. I like that some of the jerseys did almost a retro throwback look, and others are a clean crisp and new look. Thanks for showing us Brooks!

  2. These are crazy designs. I love it when teams come out with new or special jerseys; it is always different and unique. The Miami Heat and the LA Lakers, I think have the coolest designs. I feel like you can easily figure out the meaning behind them, especially LA’s if you are a basketball fan, everyone knows who the Black Mamba is! I am also a fan of how the Utah jersey gives of a smooth vibe from its blocky gradient. It shares smooth jazz vibes. Overall, this was an interesting blog, fantastic visuals. Thanks for the good share Brooks!

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