Music as a First Defense?

A new social media campaign under the name of BeatBuff on instagram and twitter has emerged hoping to teach people how to alleviate stress with the use of music and scenic images.

The campaign is aimed at high school and college students who are going into more stressful times. Finals, job placements, or heading out into the world. Heading out of high school Sam Casertano seems impressed so far.

“Yeah the campaign can help. I’ve used music as a way to express myself for years.” Casertono said. “If more people can learn that something we take for granted can be used this way more could do it.”

Although consumers aren’t the only people to have an opinion on this matter. Artists usually have a reason for making their music the way they do. Local artist and college student Daniel Mosionier seemed has an opinion leading towards something like this already.

“Music gives you a way to express yourself that you might not have had previously.” Mosionier said. “Music is a way to escape the doldrums of your daily life and for you to just pause.”

According to CMHA 4000 people die each year in the 15-24 year age range because of suicide. Suicides that could have had roots in mental illnesses and depression.

The idea of BeatBuff is to take something that so many people in that age range do, social media surfing. And turn it into a positive way to help them realise a way to relax for a moment.

Austin Scott, a young tech support worker is skeptical of the idea though. “Does a campaign for something so minute really need to happen?” Scott asks. “Is this something that we should be so concerned about instead of the other things that need attention?”.

Scott should not be presumed alone this. There are no doubt many people who feel a campaign so narrowly focused won’t have the effect something else could have.

Though with CMHAs numbers of 3.2 million at risk for developing depression. Along with CAMHs estimation of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence. This kind of campaign may be more and more necessary

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