Mixed Reality

Are you tired of your mundane life? Are you sick of your dead end job? Do years tick by like seconds on a clock? If so Mixed Reality might just be right for you!

What is Mixed Reality?

Technically speaking, it is a mixture of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality… But what does that mean? Well it means you can add digital content into your world just like you can with Augmented Reality. However unlike Augmented Reality you can interact with the content like you would in a Virtual Reality environment.

Why would I want Mixed Reality isn’t virtual reality good enough?

Well, yes Virtual Reality is good but it has its limits. For instance, if you want to play a Virtual Reality game where you have to walk around then you need a controller to move you around the virtual world. With Mixed Reality on the other hand, you can use the real world as your environment and walk around in it while virtual monsters try and attack you. Mixed Reality takes the best of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and blends it into a perfect environment for gaming, entertainment, and an interactive platform for learning difficult skills.

If Mixed Reality is so great what can I use it for?

If you’re a surgeon going through medical school, what better way to practice than on a virtual person? That way if you make a mistake you wont be having an awkward conversation with their family. Or how about a mechanic who is learning how to fix an engine, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a virtual engine you could take apart and reassemble that would tell you where that last bolt actually fits? And saving the most obvious for last, how cool would it be to game where you could go out into the real world and shoot at virtual enemies in your backyard or the park down the street with your friends! Now you don’t have to go find some place where you have to pay a fortune to sit in a chair in a dark room wearing a helmet using joysticks to walk around.


Well that’s just a brief rant on what Mixed Reality can do, do you think this is a good technology? If so let me know in the comments below.