Learn How Lightroom CC Works

You might have the question if Lightroom and Photoshop are the same application. Well in this Blog I will be explaining how to used it, the differences from Photoshop CC, and some basic tips with short cuts to used in the application of Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom.

Lr vs. Ps

Lightroom it is more than a photo editor and Photoshop it is a pixel-level editor. However, Photoshop in my opinion it is a well recognize application for designers with a great workflow. In Ps we are used to press save very often witch in Ls it’s it not necessary because in this app the save button doesn’t exist and it saves automatically which I consider a great thing. Lightroom has the organization and storage files letting you see the folders you have created. One thing that a found as a disadvantage of the Ls is that doesn’t have the layer view as Photoshop.

Left side of the screen shows the original photo and the right the edit.

How to use it  

Lightroom it’s an Adobe application that it can be use from 4+ because the tools are very accessible to anyone that doesn’t have experience with photo editing. Some of the main tools in the application are in the right side of the screen in the folder of editing has the light balance, colours, effects, details, optics of removing chromatic aberration and enable lens correction. Also, it has the crop button, the brush tool and gradient mode.

In the left side of the screen you can see the tools you can use to edit          any image.

Tips – Shortcuts

Result .                                              Windows   Mac OS
Show/hide side panels Tab Tab
Show/hide all panels Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Show/hide toolbar T T
Show/hide Module Picker F5 F5
Show/hide Filmstrip F6 F6
Show/hide left panels F7 F7
Show/hide right panels F8 F8
Toggle solo mode Alt-click a panel Option-click a panel
Open a new panel without closing soloed panel Shift-click a panel Shift-click a panel
Open/close all panels Ctrl-click a panel Command-click a panel
Open/close left panels, top to bottom Ctrl + Shift + 0 – 5 Command + Control + 0 – 5
Open/close right panels, Library and Develop modules, top to bottom Ctrl + 0 – 9 Command + 0 – 9
Open/close right panels, Slideshow, Print, and Web modules, top to bottom Ctrl + 1 – 7 Command + 1 – 7

Learn the shortcuts of Adobe Lightroom.


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