It’s About The Wonderful Animals Here At The Brandon Humane Society

Our family pets, like dogs and cats, have become important in our lives. They are there to comfort us when we are feeling down, entertain us with their funny moments, and most of all they have become our family.

However, there are animals out there that are being mistreated or worse abandoned, and not getting the same love or have the same comfort of living in a safe environment.

This is why humane societies such as the Brandon Humane Society are around to bring these mistreated animals in and give them a second chance of finding a forever home.

For 70 years the Brandon Humane Society has been operating as a NO KILL shelter for dogs and cats.

Brandon Humane Society is located at 2200 17th St East

The Brandon Humane Society is fully equipped to rehab and take care of the animals that come in through its doors. They have enough room to care for approx. 30 dogs and 30 cats. However, like any humane society there are costs to keeping the operation going.

The Brandon Humane Society deals with expenses such as heating, air conditioning, and much more. “Most people don’t know this, but it costs $24,000 a year to bring water in because we have a septic system that we use…” Tracy Munn, Shelter Manager/Director stated in an interview with Newsline “…And that’s how much money it costs us, it’s crazy that we pay that kind of money for water”

Shelter Manager/Director of the Brandon Humane Society Tracy Munn with Shepherd Mix puppy Piper

Without any government funding, the Brandon Humane Society is responsible for raising the funds to keep the doors open. They do this with the support of the community from donations and fundraisers like their annual Bud, Spud, and Chicken Fundraiser.

Info on the Brandon Humane Society Fundraiser coming up on Thursday May 10th, 2018

For about approx. 10-12 years the annual Bud, Spud, and Chicken Fundraiser is an annual event that creates awareness to the society and helps raise much needed funds.  We sat down with Tracy and asked her what the fundraiser is all about

The fundraiser isn’t only about raising much needed funds, it’s also about having a great time.

Tracy also stated in the interview about why its important people should care about fundraisers like the Bud, Spud, and Chicken Fundraiser

By simply calling them, visiting them, volunteering, or giving them a shoutout, that you’ll be helping out all the wonderful animals that the humane society takes care of.

“Animals give back so much and they are amazing” –Tracy Munn


  • 204-728-1333
  • Located on 2200 17th St East