Is simplicity the easy way?

As an artist, I have been though many changes in the way is think, the way I see things and how I represent them on canvas. Many times have I had that internal struggle saying: should I leave this piece as it is? Or should I add something else? Yet, it is rare for me to think: maybe I should take some elements out. I have developed a love for making detail present in my pieces. I love spending time on every shadow, texture and any other aspect suitable for the composition. However, around the time of 6th grade, I remember many times I started to draw something and I got so sucked into it that I added way too much. In the end I wasn’t sure why, but I was not happy with the result. It wasn’t until I took a step back and thought: are all these extra things necessary in the first place?

Ever since, I still struggle with wanting to put more than necessary into my designs. But now I know to take a step back and analyse my composition. In addition, being a student at ACC has helped me a lot as I can see the work of people that maybe have similar minds as I do, or some that are totally different. I love learning from each one of them. All their experiences, which are all unique, effect their designs and creative ideas. This is very fascinating to me.

I do not think that a simplistic design is easy to pull off; there are is a lot of thinking that goes into it. In the end, what I have learned so far is that it is important to slow down from time to time, and take a look at your piece from a different point of view, still knowing what you want, but being able to learn from others as well. I still love detailed art pieces, but I can appreciate the beauty that can be displayed with a much simpler design. There is certainly something satisfying about a simple yet effective composition. Some examples we see out there are: The swoosh from Nike, or the stripes from Adidas; both very contemporary looks, they seem to never go out of style.

3 thoughts on “Is simplicity the easy way?

  1. Hi Diego,
    This is very interesting to read. I felt like I got a glimpse of ‘Diego the Artist’. It was nice to have an inside view to your mind. (haha) It does make you think about how much detail to put into a piece, or the many different styles we can use to create art. I also am enjoying being able to look at design through another classmate’s point of view. I also analyze and overthink many things when designing. Simplistic designs are indeed complicated and difficult to pull off. But I guess that is why we are here at ACC! To learn how, right? I always enjoy seeing what you create in class, and look forward to seeing all of our progressions throughout these two years in the program. xo M.

    • thank you so much, I actually take a lot of inspiration from your pieces as well. you seem to have a natural gift to make very appealing designs and layouts depending on the topic at hand. I also look forward to see your future pieces : ) .

  2. Hey, nomesqued!

    This is a really well written piece and I enjoyed reading it. I also enjoy the simplicity of minimalistic looks and designs, but they are not as easy as one thinks!
    Looking at other people’s work is an excellent way to grow and develop your skills. It is good to take a step back and look at ourselves, as well as the work we do. Getting perspective is never a bad thing! Continue with this type of personally development and the art and designs you create will only keep getting better.
    Keep up the good work and good luck with your future designs.

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