Is Binge Watching Taking Over Our Lives?

With the introduction of streaming services binge watching TV has become the newest trend that most people have adopted. Binge watching TV has become a staple with on demand TV with services like Netflix leading the charge with hundreds of TV series all available with the click of a remote. Binge watching can burn away those extra hours before bed, but binge watching has began to have some negative effects on lives.

Having the ability to continue right on to the next episode of the show you are hooked on can lead to countless hours spent watching TV. While excellent for the companies who want you to keep watching this can be detrimental to your health. Many binge watchers have admitted to staying up past their bedtime to catch a few more episodes, this can lead to sleep loss and an overall loss of production throughout the next day.

Personally there have been multiple times where I’ve found myself succumb to staying up past responsible hours and find myself sleep deprived for the next day. The past year I’ve polished off roughly 7 TV series all with various amounts of episodes and seasons. Everything from comedy to dramas and everything in between. Each time I’ve watched the entirety of the series in a matter of days. Most of the time watching lead well into the early morning and work that was supposed to get done remained incomplete.

While most people can handle the power of on demand TV, some people can get addicted to the countless hours of entertainment. It’s become a blessing to have access to a library that big, it also becomes a burden when it starts to take over people’s lives. Addiction to binge watching can become a serious problem, when it starts to affect your mental and physical health. Just like everything else, moderation is key.

2 thoughts on “Is Binge Watching Taking Over Our Lives?

  1. Justin,

    I really related to this article, too many times have I have I found myself browsing through Netflix and YouTube and said to myself “Just one more video”. While I agree with your point about moderation I feel like Netflix has taken necessary steps in order to at least attempt to combat binge watching with there “Are You Still Watching __________” screen, Overall, your article was formatted well, next time consider adding a few more images to really capture the readers attention.

  2. Hey Justin, this is a nice article.

    You’ve touched on a subject that may relate to others. It can affect people when they’re trying to get enough sleep for work or school. In addition to having less sleep, does binge watching also conflict with physical activity? Imagine spending your entire weekend moving as little as possible, while eating snacks, and watching your favourite series. Binge watching can also result in weight gain.

    I’ve seen it being advertised as a cool thing, too. So is it a thing that needs to be addressed more seriously with the public, such as gambling, for example?

    I used to have Netflix before, but I cancelled my subscription. Not because of binge watching, but because they had a lack of good movies and shows.

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