Is Virtual Reality the New Reality?

A simple idea that has grown into innovation for the future is Virtual reality. We are exposed to this technology everyday even if we do not realize it. It started out as a simple concept like the Snapchat filters that we use almost everyday. Eventually this filter moved to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but is this simple filter becoming the new norm? It has definitely evolved in becoming more than just a simple filter but a big step for other augmented reality ideas. This idea of simulated reality and making the consumer feel like they are apart of a different world has been around for years. Many have tried to create virtual realities and some have been quite successful. An example of  virtual reality was Pokémon Go, the app for your phone where you can walk around your own world and try to capture Pokémon. This gave this player of the game a sense of being in a different reality beside just their own with added elements so they could experience something different.

Another great example of this augmented reality is the VR headsets that have become popular in recent years. This puts consumers in a very different reality aside from their own. It surrounds the user with sights and sounds that makes them feel as if they are somewhere else entirely. The VR lets the player live in a fantasy world and can allow people to experience simple things like riding a roller coaster without having to actually be on one.

Although augmented reality is revolutionary and a new way to experience exciting things is it blurring the lines between what is real and what is not?  Some might say that the idea of someone not living in the “real world” is ridiculous but it can happen and there a few cases of this fake reality taking over consumer’s real lives. They choose to live in fantasy instead of being apart of society. So is virtual reality becoming the new reality or is this just an intriguing thought?