Interactive public art

Do you ever go to an art show with interactive art pieces but they have a sign that reads “do not touch the art work“, well I got some interactive art that you can touch and interact with.


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Musical swings

This musical swing set of 21 is located in Montreal in the busiest quartier. This contemporary swing set is one way to bring people together in a public space with balance of fast-paced urban environment. Each swing has a different instrument that was pre-recorded and will play as you swing. The swings are equipped with motion sensors. The swings will play a complex melodies when the swings move together.


The Think sphere

The interactive think sphere was created for the TEDx Somerville that promotes “ideas worth sharing.” As people walk in the group’s building the bright sphere is like a beckon that draw’s people toward it to give it a go. It’s a public work but also acts as an interface between conference attendees and random passerby’s.


A flexible field of grass

This flexible field of grass will entertain you to no end, this fun interactive field was created by Daniel Lyman. Find this interactive piece of art in Salt Lake City that is composed with more than 1,000 moly-filled nylon rods which are each 10 feet long. People are invited to walk through this urban field and interact with the flexible rods that bend and undulate mimicking grass or tree’s blowing in the wind. During the night is when this field of grass gets colorfully lit creating a magical feeling.


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Roller Coaster Staircase

This roller coaster staircase of fun and excitement is on top a hill in Duisburg, Germany created by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. They call it the Tiger and turtle: Magic Mountain which is a 70 feet tall sculpture that looks like a winding thrilling roller coaster but is actually a staircase. People can explore this staircase for its view while others are recalling childhood memories of theme parks.

These interactive art pieces are very exciting and makes me want to travel to test out and see them first hand.

Which one of these interactive art pieces is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Interactive public art

  1. I like the idea of the swings, and the grass. But when it comes towards the Roller Coaster Staircase I don’t feel like falling to my death like some final destination though I would try it out because I’m just that daring.

  2. I think this is a very well done blog post! I think it is super important for children and adults to be interactive. A lot of people learn from doing so this will be extremely helpful.

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