Interactive Media Arts Program at Assiniboine Community College (Interactive)

Who – My name is Kwasi Owusu I’m from Toronto Ontario. In my free time I like to game, draw, take photos, study languages, or edit and create images on either Photoshop or Illustrator.

What – The Interactive Media Arts program (Interactive) is a program that is run by Assiniboine Community College. It is a 2-year diploma program, it is geared towards graphic designers, and students wanting to expand their creativity further their digital craft and better ways of expressing and creating impactful messages and images. There is also the other side of the program which is the Interactive Media Arts program (Media) and they learn more about broadcasting, TV stations, radio, and work with a lot of multimedia productions as well and audio and video producing.

Where – There are many campuses located all over Manitoba, but the one I currently go to is the Victoria East Campus ACC. There is another one that is located in Brandon at the North Hill campus, one in Dauphin, Manitoba as well as one located in Winnipeg.

When – I moved to Manitoba in August of 2017 from Toronto. I worked for a bit and then in September 2018 I started the Interactive Media Arts Program at ACC.

Why – I’ve had a passion for graphic design since I was in Grade 6. I started very simple because I didn’t know much about graphic design back then but now realize I’ve been doing things related to graphic design from a very young age. I used to edit my pictures. I chose to move to Manitoba because I heard of the program here at Assiniboine Community College. The tuition in Toronto is really expensive and my dad lives here so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to start something new. I never really lived anywhere besides Toronto

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