Interactive Media Arts Journey

     Since starting the Interactive Media Arts program, I found more interesting hobbies that I would like to expand on such as photography and audio stories.  Before September, my skill level with computers was minimal at best,  the only thing I used a computer was for Microsoft Word or very rarely for the odd video game.

     I drew my dragons and people with a basic book and pencil, nothing more nothing less. I  always liked learning about different types of art, but getting into an art program was very difficult in a village school. In High School I received an art course that got me into printmaking and comic drawings. It was my family that was pushing me into this type of course and just so happened my older sister wanted to be in this as well. Honestly, if she wasn’t coming, I don’t think I would have “guts” to come here. Sounds absurd, I know.


     When I first started Net world’s  coding and Digital Design’ Photoshop were a struggle to follow. The coding terminology went right over my head and I wanted to be greedy of the free time l had left for leisure, which proved to be impossible. I was going to my sister, got a tutor, cutting my lunch short just to watch the videos the instructor made for us and reluctantly staying for odd lab to talk to my teacher for extra clarification. Nearing the last month and a half was when I started getting the hang of it. I didn’t need to hang of my sister’s shoulder to help me with basic layouts and was able to sort out  my portfolio to a way that I liked.

     Photoshop was and still is a bit difficult for me,  I almost swear the instructor thought I wasn’t listening because after he taught the lesson, I raised my hand for questions and it seemed simpler for him to just repeat the lesson to me. As we moved along to Illustrator, an understanding came about the software and that the world hasn’t fallen apart yet just me making mountains out of molehills again.

Adobe Apps

     If anything in this story sounds familiar to you please share your thoughts below as well as tips and tricks to help anyone who also struggled in this program is greatly appreciated.


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  1. As a fellow Interactive Media Arts student I can completely relate with the struggle of learning the softwares, coding and adjusting to the program in general. I enjoyed reading this blog and I think this is something someone would find useful if they are wanting to get into the program. One thing you could have specified was that networld and digital design were courses. It might be confusing to read for someone who isn’t taking the program. I liked that you got real and honest about sharing your personal experience. I can definitely relate to cutting down lunch hours and staying after school to get extra help or finish my work.

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