Interactive Design

What is it?

According to Teo Siang it is the “design of the interaction between users and products.”

The main purpose is to try and create a product that the user can use to gain their desired outcome in as Teo said it: “best way possible”. Really…there is no really way to make this sound less broad.


To help in understanding what interaction design is we are going to introduce the “Five Dimensions of Interaction Design”.


  1. 1D Words-

Very simple, this is to give the user the needed information of the product, but you don’t want to go overboard and overwhelm the user with too much information.


  1. 2D Visual Representation-

This is overall look of the product, from the typography and the images. Making it pretty and pleasing to the eye of the person using it.


  1. 3D Physical Objects or space-

What is the physical object that the people are using to reach the product? Are the clients using using a laptop with either a mouse or the touch-pad? Or are they on their smartphone using the touch screen? What is the possible space given by each object?

The example question that they share here is:is the user standing in a crowded train while using the app on a smartphone, or sitting on a desk in the office surfing the website? These all affect the interaction between the user and the product.”

  1. 4D Time-

This is referencing how media changes with time, so things like video, animation and even sounds. When you have motion and sounds, you have both visual and audio feedback for the people using the product.

  1. 5D Behaviour-

“This includes the mechanism of a product: how do users perform actions on the website? How do users operate the product?” Basically here is how everything comes together and what emotional responses come from it.  

If any of this is interesting to you or gives you ideas on what to do in future projects please let us know in the comment section below!

One thought on “Interactive Design

  1. Hello! Great blog Danni. Interactive development is such a broad topic and I feel like you gave good definition to it. I really like how you broke it down into the 5 dimensions and described each one. It really gives a clear idea as to what interactive design is really about. I feel like you could have maybe bolded the subtitles to make them stand out a little more and to make the blog a little easier to read but besides that, great topic! I’m a big fan of interactive development so this was really interesting to me, good read!

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