Interactive Car Windows

A few different car companies recently have come out with an interactive car windows or “tech windows”. These windows are designed to help passenger have more of an entertaining ride. These windows have many different abilities. There are a few different games you can play, different displays as you are passing different scenery, the ability to “draw” with your finger, window dimmers, and educational purposes.

The window comes with a little “traveling companion”. His name is Otto. He is an animated character who was created to be an educational helper, he will respond to the landscape, weather,
and car performance, Otto will be moving more quickly as the car speeds up. He can also provide lights or be controlled in his environment via gestures.

Another feature is “Spindow”. It provides you with a real time view from other peoples window from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is select the city you would live to view. This provides you with a realistic experience as you drive.

Next is “foofu”. The window turns into a “fog-like” background that you can create pictures through with only your finger.

One of my favorite features of them all is “pond”. It is kind of like an app where you can share music and messages. These are not only sent within the vehicle from window to window, but to other people that have these vehicles.


I think this is an overall great idea. It would not only help keep kids busy on road trips, but help keep teens pre-occupied as well. The idea of interacting with many other people around the world is super creative, but being able to see what other people see everyday as they are driving to work or school etc. is even cooler.

The down sides would be that these windows can not be put in the “shotgun’ seat because of the drivers vision purposes. I also think the windows would have to be cleaned constantly with all of the fingers on the screen all day.


One thought on “Interactive Car Windows

  1. I would have loved this as a kid! My family and I would also have to take long rides to get groceries, and I was always so bored. As long as they only restrict vision in the back windows, then no safety issue should arise. I love how many different feature that they have, but the ones that stand out are the educational ones for children. This technology could be used on school buses for young children so they could learn and have fun. We have seen so many cool technologies for vehicles in the past weeks, and if all that would be combined we may never want to leave our cars!

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