Inspiring Graphic Designers

To me, art and design are all about expression and inspiration. It’s important to always be looking at new designs, even if they’re not your style. That’s what brings new ideas and makes great finished products. While there are many great designers out there, these are a few that I would recommend for inspiration.

My first notable inspiration is Liam Ashurst who is a freelance graphic designer based out of London. He is well known in the industry and does work for clients worldwide. Looking through his work, I noticed Liam has a very strong, consistent style throughout, which could be part of the reason why he has made such a reputation for himself. His designs are heavily simplified and remind me of icons that have been put together to create a minimalist illustration. His work is always aesthetically pleasing and recognizable.

Design by Liam Ashurst

Liam Ashurst’s Work

Another graphic designer that I would like to mention is Brian Steely, who is the owner and a designer at Steely Works. Much like Liam’s work, his designs are based on line work. However, Brian’s work usually includes more detail and intricate designs but not in an overwhelming way. I really enjoy the type of work Brian does, which usually consists of posters and logos for musicians and festivals as well as branding and label creation for companies. I enjoy his color schemes because they are always bold and well saturated colors that catch the audience’s eye.

Label Creation by Brian Steely

Steely Works

The last but certainly not least impressive designer I have chosen is actually an entire design company created by two designers. Sagmeister and Walsh is a design agency based in New York that helps companies create brand identities, campaigns, content, commercials, websites, apps, books and more. They encompass everything that comes to mind when you think design. They have a huge client base that includes companies such as the MOMA, the Guggenheim, New York Times, and even non-profit organizations such as Azuero Earth Project. They always live up to their reputation, which is why they inspire me so much.

Sagmeister & Walsh Creation

Sagmeister & Walsh

There will always be new upcoming designers to get inspiration or tips and tricks from which is why I make it a priority to always be looking for those hidden gems. Without knowing the history and current trends of your field, can you really be successful?

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  1. Thank you for shearing notable designers that inspire you. I like that your opening paragraph gives us your opinion of design and design styles and the impact new ideas can have on finished projects. I like how you give a brief overview of each of the people you talked about. It was very clear to me why you found them inspiring. In particular I like that you made the descriptive line of your photos a link to the related persons work. That touch added to my feeling of being informed.
    One thing I think you could have added to your post is headlines above each paragraph to give us an idea of what is in it before we actually read it. Maybe just the persons name would work?

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