Inspiration in Your Pocket: The Subtle Art of Adobe Capture CC

As a Graphic Design student, Adobe Capture CC has quickly become my most reliable ally. Capture is part of Adobe’s mobile App family and easily the most beneficial for designers on the go. In 2016, Adobe combined four of its mobile asset building tools into one, forming a single app that can capture colours, patterns, materials, brushes, and shapes.

Adobe Capture CC opened the door to unlimited possibilities. With a few simple clicks on your mobile device, you can now create project assets from anywhere that are accessible all across Adobe’s mobile and desktop apps.



Originally, the shapes function was the reason I downloaded this App. Capture takes your sketchbook doodles and instantly turns them into vector shapes, you can also create shapes from high contrast photos.

Quick tip: Make sure to outline your doodles with a dark coloured marker before using the app, it will pick up the lines and curves easier.


Colour Themes

It’s so simple, just point and shoot for colour themes. Pulling colours from the real world has never been so easy. Snap a picture in the moment or use a picture from your camera roll on your phone and let Capture do the rest. Six movable circles will show up on the screen, once you’re happy with the colours picked, you can save your colour theme and use it over and over from your CC Library.



Create new and authentic patterns using the digital kaleidoscope with the Pattern tool. Select one of five geometric real time templates at the top of the screen and move your camera around until you find exactly what you’re looking for. The app prompts you to refine your pattern before saving it to your CC Library.

Furthermore, Capture goes above and beyond by building  textures and materials in seconds and also allows you to create customized brushes, forever creating original and authentic designs.

To top this digital sundae off with the perfect cherry, all assets created in Capture are instantly saved to your Creative Cloud Library making them accessible in all of your Adobe mobile and desktop apps. Creating genuinely original designs has never been so simple.

Adobe Capture CC is a designers dream and it fits right in your pocket.

There is more information available on Adobe’s website:

4 thoughts on “Inspiration in Your Pocket: The Subtle Art of Adobe Capture CC

  1. Thanks for the tips, Shelby. This is quite useful and I am glad you’ve recommended this tool to me a few times and it works pretty well. The quick over view is a great place to start for someone like me who is a novice when it comes to these design apps. Thanks again!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, I added a link at the bottom to the Adobe website that explains a little more about each tool available on the app if you want to check it out!

  2. I love your enthusiasm for this app, which I must as cool as you say it to be. You should almost be payed by Adobe with so much promotion. I like that without saying too much you give us just enough information to start digging into the program ourselves and look for farther knowledge if we so desire. Your images go very well with each segment of your blog and they expand our understanding of the app in a visual way.

    I only found one typing mistake but other than that, I really like your post.

  3. Very cool and interesting blog on Adobe Capture CC. I have thought of using the app myself. It sounds very convenient and fun to use. That’s super cool that it is able to create patterns and color schemes, its even better that you are able to capture your own art and instantly throw it up on the cloud. This blog definitely has me more interested in Adobe Capture CC. I also like how you have your blog organized, it was very easy to read and understand. The tip about darkening the lines on your drawings before using the app is helpful too. I will make sure to download it.

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