Innov8? More like do not resuscitate!

In our industry we are always using portable storage for large files, so which one should you buy? Introducing the Seagate Innov8 using Ignition Boost Technology, the Innov8 is the first 8TB USB-C-powered external desktop storage solution on the market. Just connect the device to your computer and you’re ready to go. The device is easy to move and can be placed exactly where you need it, and can handle up to 2 million songs, 4 million photos, and 800 HD movies. This device starts at $350 in stores and online. Even though the device sounds equip to do the job, is it? Speaking from experience hard drives are finicky and break. This is always heart breaking when they crash because it is months of work gone. I know many people in our class can relate to this because they have also suffered the same fate. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do when the hard drive crashes but to maybe cry and buy a new one. So what can we do to avoid this situation and not spend hundreds of dollars?

The first step is to backup your files on an extra hard drive or by using google drive, so when or if your hard drive crashes your work isn’t gone. It will also help to safely eject your drive from your device. Since hard drives are finicky sometimes it will not allow you to eject it. If the message comes across your screen I recommend restarting the computer then ejecting it after the computer has restarted. This has happened to me several times and so far has worked every time I have restarted it. Although these techniques and tips may help there is no guarantee that the hard drive will survive.

So in the end is it worth it to spend hundreds of dollars on this “awesome” technology? My conclusion is that it isn’t worth it. Being a student my world is revolved around money. I am not to pleased with having to purchase an expensive piece of technology several times because they crash. I’d rather spend my money on more important things that will not cause me pain. So overall this hard drive sounds fantastic and promises a lot of storage, but is the hard drive worth the risk?

One thought on “Innov8? More like do not resuscitate!

  1. I agree with what you say in the sense that, while it does appear to be quite capable in terms of storage, etc, it may not be worth it. I’m lucky enough that I haven’t had my hard drive crash /yet/ but drives crash all the time. To be quite honest, I use google drive for most of my stuff. Need to start putting together some art in photoshop? Store it on drive right away. Coding? Store it on drive. If I need to validate the live version I can simply copy and paste it from there to my hard drive and upload it to the site. Plus it is much easier storing coding in Google Drive because you don’t need to remember your hard-drive to code or see the local version of the site.
    Not only that, but for students like us, that hard drive is rather expensive, crash risks or no.

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