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Immersive JavaScript Backgrounds

Backgrounds or Headings for websites are just about every where on the internet now, whether they are static, motion or immersive. I will talk about how Immersive JavaScript Backgrounds could change how visually appealing your website could be.

If you know how to accomplish how to create an Immersive Background by yourself, then I applaud you for exceeding me (beginning coder). If you have no clue how to even start with the basics of adding a background then that’s why I’m here.


This is the area where it may be difficult for beginners or possibly intermediates at coding. JavaScript is more used for creating interactive effects or behaviors for websites. To begin with adding the JS into your code, a website that has helped me look at the code to see how to understand how the JS works with the rest of the code is called It shows the HTML, CSS, and the JS for the selected option that you can create in the generator. Options that are changeable are the particles, interactivity, and the page background of the site.


In this section you can change the number, colour, shape, size, opacity, if they are line-linked, and the movement of the particles that are shown on the screen.


In this section you can change the options of on hover, on click and the modes that include grabbing, bubbling, repulsing, pushing, or removing the particles when you mouse moves on the screen.

Page Background:

With this option you can change the background colour of the website, if you have an image you can type in the image url, if the you want the image to cover, stretch, tile, or center, the positioning, and if your background is a video, you could add a repeat.

If you are satisfied with how you background looks, click on the CodePen option and it pops up an HTML, CSS, and JS box with all the code that it takes to create your creation. Simply copy and paste the code into your text editor and then save it and test online.

2 thoughts on “Immersive JavaScript Backgrounds

  1. Hi, I was drawn to your blog because I really enjoy coding and I am always looking to learn new things about it. I like how you kind of wrote this as a tutorial piece and you included a link for further reading which I will definitely be checking out. I don’t have experience with JavaScript yet but I am very interested in it. The “Interactivity” part caught my attention because I always like those websites that have an effect when I move the mouse so it would be interesting to learn. Overall the idea of immerse backgrounds sounds pretty cool, so hopefully I can try them out soon. Thanks for the information!

  2. JavaScript is the language of the web, and any post regarding JS draws my attention. The thing I really liked about your post is the topic of immersive background. The background is a really important part of any web design. And on top of that interactive backgrounds from the link you provided engages the users and increases the user experience. There are other JS resources too like three.js, codepen and GitHub. The description in your blog post helps to navigate the link provided. I am really looking forward to more JS posts and resources from you.

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