How to Expand Your Instagram Presence as a Graphic Designer

Are you tired of your work being unappreciated? Do you wish you could showcase your art to a bigger audience? If you’re a graphic designer and want to get good exposure for your work, creating an Instagram business account is a great start.

Instagram is a very good social media app if you want to expand your following, and the app makes it very easy for you to connect to people with similar interests. Instagram gives you the option to target certain types of people, for example if you want your post to reach graphic designers, Canadians, graphics, art, artists, etc. You can add those hashtags under your post when you upload your image (#graphicdesingers, #Canadians, #graphics, #art, artists) This will allow your post to go under those hashtags and people who follow the hashtag, search up the hashtag, or use the hashtag will be able to see your work and possibly like the post and/or follow you.



They offer paid promotions in which you can choose the photo/photos you want to promote. You can also add hashtags to the post/posts you are trying to promote, although the number of hashtags you put costs a bit more money each time. Instagram allows you to be able to reach a very big audience with similar interests for an affordable price. You are given the options to choose how long you would like your post to be promoted for, how many people you want your post to reach, and which countries and cities you want your posts to reach.



If your page reaches 10,000+ followers, Instagram notices that you have a big following so Instagram will start to offer you to advertise certain products for them and you can make money off of your Instagram while expanding your social media presence. I think investing in Instagram is a very good move as a Graphic Designer to get more exposure and possibly in the future make money off of Instagram.

Figure 1: Here is my Instagram business profile that I use to promote my art shown below.

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  1. Hello, I really liked the tips you have in your blog. Personally I use Instagram a lot, it is my main source of social media, so I found it really interesting to learn about the different ways I can use it to advertise myself. I kind of knew about the feature that lets users promote themselves but I did not know about the different options within that. It is nice to know that I have a choice on the audience that I am trying to reach. Another thing I learned was how to make money out of advertising others, I did not know that this was something they offered. Overall, I agree with you that it is a good idea to invest in Instagram specially as designers.

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