How the New Avengers Trailer Appeals to the Fans Cinematically

Marvel just released their second trailer for their most anticipated film, “Avengers: Infinity War.” Let’s take a look at how the trailer appeals to the fans cinematically.

  1. Cuts to black – The first half of the trailer includes cuts to black and while it’s used with the music to make the trailer good, it’s also used to bring the Avengers together. The clips that cut to black has characters that have already been together in other movies. But after the trailer switches to hard cuts, characters who’ve not been together start to appear. I believe this effect was used to bring together the Avengers cinematically, which is all what the fans really want to see.


  1. No repeating shots – As previously mentioned, this is the second trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War.” Although it’s the second trailer, it uses almost no repeating shots from the first trailer. Fans are always wanting new info and footage and it looks like this new trailer delivered. As a side note, this trailer also was the first trailer to have the characters talking and not just voice over.


  1. Establishing Shots – The majority of the shots in the trailer include action or the characters hanging out with each other. Although it’s good to have establishing shots for the different locations of the film, the trailer uses as little establishing shots as possible. Two are of New York City, one is of a sanctum from, “Doctor Strange,” and one is Wakanda from, “Black Panther.” All locations were present in some other Marvel movie, so the inclusion of very few establishing shots makes sense. Plus, fans want to see characters and action, not locations they’ve already seen before.

Those are some of the ways the new Avengers trailer appeals to the fans cinematically. Let us know any other things we might of missed by leaving a comment below.

One thought on “How the New Avengers Trailer Appeals to the Fans Cinematically

  1. Exactly my thoughts too josh. After watching the new trailer I was even more excited for the new movie. The shots establishing the universe with the Wakandan shots and the sanctums helped build my hype. I especially enjoyed how this trailer showcased a lot more of the social interaction between characters from different franchises and finally showed us what we’ve been waiting years for. The new trailer already has achieved 1# on YouTube’s trending tab across the world and it’s only been up for a day or so. Marvel is on its way to releasing one of its most popular movies this year and even one of its most popular movies ever.

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