How does social media affect people and their personalities?

How does media effect another persons view? This is a more of an opinion piece. But what I’ve seen in the news, tells stories of people insulting each other or people trying to be this person or that person. Or about how Wendy’s has a new burger or that this doggy has a special talent. But I’m focusing lightly on the topic of people changing their personas to match others or to try to fit in.  I feel this is due to technology and social media. This is quite the big topic, but I’m expressing my opinion on it.

Over the past few years I have noticed people purchase all of the newest of technologies. This made me think, hmmm, people like to have what everyone else is having, a number 3… no, but in my mind I feel people want to follow social norms to be “normal”. This leads to people changing themselves to people their not. What I mean is that lets say that a celebrity says “TRY THIS, AND YOU’LL BE LIKE ME TOO!” Obviously people will follow this because if a celebrity does it, most people should follow suit. However, not only is it celebrities setting such a standard of status, social media also has a huge impact on people as well. Lets look at internet trends. Like the tide pod challenge… that was just natural selection at that point… but it started off as a challenge by a user, I don’t know the exact “starting point” of it all, but it blew up, with people uploading videos of them eating Tide Pods. The tide pod example is a bit extreme, but shows what people would do to be a little more popular or to have a better status… Nothing says idiocy like eating laundry detergent. Back to a more relatable standpoint, a person could post a video of themselves or others doing a activity that makes them look like their above all, with a very vainglorious or boastful caption. They would have posted this with or without knowing that others do look up to what they post. This effect has a big impact on certain people. The impact is lets say this person has a low self esteem, they would look to this person as a small role copy model and they would be subtly changing their personality to try to fit in.

How I’ve seen affects on my friends. Well I’ve seen many of my friends try to be themselves, but over the past few years, take example my high school years. In grade 12, 11, and 10, I’ve seen my friends drift away and become something we’ve thought never become, different people than we seen in our younger years. But, i have understand the concept of self made decisions of others and how they desire to become. Yet, with social media making a rise, they changed their livelihood for whatever reason. Some of the girls and even the guys in my class changed their appearance just to look better for others while being a tad uncomfortable. This lead to quite the few disagreements and quarrels, but we all grew around the fact some people were easily manipulated to look a certain way. While others were the “I could care less” types meaning they did their own thing. Which I feel I fit in that category. Not to say I don’t idolize certain people, everyone does in one way or another.

It’s not just people I know, its people everywhere. Kids and teens are hurting themselves trying to hard to keep an image. This is happening all over the world, I should also add its not just beauty and status that is affected. Its also religion, political standing and family related issues. But, a good way of thinking, or I could say my advice. Is to be yourself and try your best not to follow others, unless they have a inspirational meaning to you, then try to imitate a few mannerisms for yourself, but add your touch to them. Make it different yet similar.