How do work and sleep affect a students mental health?

Sleep and stress, how does that effect a student mental health and why it should be looked upon?

First year of college for quite a bit of us kids. We have so much to learn in a shorter period of time. With students also preparing for final exams here in this last week of class, some might say how are the students minds at this time. In a study, it shows that students as of now have a higher stress rate than a patient in a mental hospital in the 1950s.


Over the past few weeks students have prepared to study for their finals. This leaves very little time to have an free time. With the books wide open, students are forced to keep their mind on track and to focus on the finals.


Not only do they have to worry about studying, they also have to focus on their daily lives. with so many things that are going on at one time, this could lead to a overwhelming amount of stress and this is bad for students health.


Like one student, says that with with all assignments and dates need to be met and to have a good attendance, it can get overwhelming at times and begin to have an effect on a persons mind.


Like he stated, he would rather have a later start time than the times earlier in the morning. As stated by student Joshua Jackson who believes a later stat time is necessary for our attendance and for our mental health.


This is where a major conflicting issue arises, why should the schools change the times of classes to fit the kids needs?


One source says “it will be much better for the students to have a later stat time than having to wake up at such early hours, it will also benefit the staff and college, for it will see a rise in attendance, so yes it would be beneficial for the kids to have a later start time.”


Easy to answer, with the new times, it could bring a big change in how things work around the town. Lets say if students have a after class part time jobs, this change can bring two changes, one positive one negative.


The positive time change can can lead to a better attendance rate among students with high amounts of work that requires them to wake up in such early hours, then to be off by four or five to make room for their jobs.


The negative side is that things would have to change, and this could affect people other than the students, people outside of school would have to change their schedules to meet the students needs This could lead to a big change in how works hours are laid out.


Either way, with the change, it will benefit the student, by allowing them to have a longer rest. With many people up for the change and many other against it. This will be a debatable argument with more to come.