Hit and Runs in Brandon Manitoba

Anybody who owns a car would surely know the pain of being struck. While MPI will usually cover the cost of a vehicle being damaged, they cannot do so with hit and run situations where the perpetrator cannot be found. One of the ‘hotspots’ for these kind of collisions is the corral center parking lot. In bigger cities there are often cameras that watch over the parking lots, making it much easier to catch the person who had hit the other vehicle, however that is not the case here in Brandon Manitoba. After interviewing multiple associates of the stores in the Corral Center, it turns out that nobody has cameras that view the biggest parking lot in the city!

“We do not have cameras that can view anything outside our loading zone, its a shame really…we get about three or four calls per month or so about hit and runs in our parking lot.” Said store manager Erin Bowie of the Home Depot. After speaking to her and an associate who chooses to not be named from the Liquor store, it became apparent that there is almost no way to track any sort of crime committed in the parking lots of the Corral Center.


In conclusion, it is always wise to park closer to the store than it is away from it as they often do have some cameras that can view nearby the store. But as for hit and runs? Your best hope is that they dropped their license plate or left at least a bit of information for you to track them. Have you ever resolved a hit and run situation? If so, please let us know your story!

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