Has Streaming taken over TV?

If you’re a student like me, paying for cable television can get expensive. That’s why streaming services could be your best friend. I am often using streaming services on the daily. Some of the best ones to use are Netflix, CraveTV, Hulu or Amazon Prime. The services I use most are Netflix and CraveTV. Using streaming services instead of cable companies can save you money. As most services can cost anywhere from $7 – $30 a month. While many TV Providers can cost $30 – $100 a month.

These are some of the best streaming services that are available.



Netflix started their online streaming service in 2007. Before that, they were an online DVD rental store which began in 1998. Their top competition then was Blockbuster. A lot has changed since then. Netflix now offers a wide variety of TV Shows and Movies to stream, with new ones coming to the platform every month. Netflix features three plans that you can choose from. Netflix has three subscription plans to choose from ranging in prices from $9.99 to $16.99.


Hulu is a streaming service for TV shows. It has plans that range from $7.99 all the way up to $39.99. The cheaper plan is just the basic plan which features all TV shows on the application. While the pricier option includes Live TV. This grants you access all of your favourite shows and any sporting events that you want to watch. I think Hulu is a great option because it offers the availability to watch live programming.


Crave TV

Crave TV is one of my favourite streaming services as it features a lot of TV shows to choose from. A lot of which can’t be found on the other services. Crave features two subscription plans one being $9.99 and the other $19.98 a month. If you would rather binge watch an entire series of a tv show, I would definitely recommend Crave.

In Conclusion

Although Live tv still has its following, I think streaming is on its way to taking over. If streaming platforms keep improving at this rate, I feel as though cable companies will soon be obsolete. Now with the ability to stream live shows and live sporting events, I already feel like they’ve caught up to cable TV.