Getting Over the Creative Block

A big issue that happens all the time in this industry, and just in general is having a tough time finding inspiration to do a job. Many tasks that we as media people have to do is use our imagination and be creative to do what we have to do. This can be draining on our minds and we lose inspiration and the ability to try and be as creative as possible. Once we start to run out of ideas, we end up with lackluster creations and work that we aren’t that proud of. 

The first question to answer is what is causing these blocks in our minds? The biggest cause is just being over worked. Having to try and come up with new ideas daily can be stressful and the mind becomes over worked, so coming up with new ideas becomes a challenge. Losing purpose in a project can also jeopardize the creative process and coming up with new ideas. Common ways people lose their thoughts is because of anxiety or self-doubt. By doubting yourself and your abilities it makes a person not want to think or try anymore. Major events that happen in someone’s life also create creative blocks that are very hard to get over. The serious outcome of having major creative blocks is that it can actually lead to health problems and other issues. Fear, depression, low self-esteem and panic attacks are just a few of the results from these major blocks.

So, what can we do to get over this creative block? Common ways to try and get over these blocks are simple things like resting your mind by sleeping. Just taking short naps throughout the day can help rest your mind as well. Going for walks can also help by allowing yourself to get fresh air and time to just reflect on yourself. Meditation or listening to music will also help. Giving yourself time in between can help by letting your thoughts have some breathing room and not getting overwhelmed. Trying new things can help get your creative side going again like trying a new hobby. By experiencing new things, the brain also gets to try new things and new ideas are able to grow and thrive.

Try and find motivation to do tasks as well can help and being open to new thing and other people’s ideas can spark new ideas and creativity in yourself. We work together and with many people in this industry for a reason. There are still a lot of other things you can do to get over creative blocks and create new ideas for whatever job that you have to do.



3 thoughts on “Getting Over the Creative Block

  1. Hi, Brittany, interesting read! I always find writer’s block to be an interesting topic to write about (as I have, on more than one occasion, written about writer’s block because I’m experiencing writer’s block, and thus, cannot think of anything else to write about). I found your methods of overcoming this struggle interesting, and I’ll certainly have to give some of them a try, and this is something I wrestle with quite often.
    One bit of advice I’d like to add is to look out for run-on sentences, use commas to combat this. Try to read your blog posts over again upon finishing, see if there is anywhere that a sentence could end sooner, or where a pause from a comma would help a sentence flow.

  2. I enjoyed reading your article, Brittany.

    Your entry caught my interest and it was very well written. It also appealed to me, personally. It feels as if I’m spent – I’m dry, done, finished, depleted, toast, beat, brown bread, etc. I’m having difficulties just making 100 characters for your comment right now.

    I also like how you mention tips to help with the creative process. The idea of trying new things like a new hobby sounds like an interesting solution to my creative problems. Perhaps if one were to rely on old tricks and habits will eventually become stuck and grow resentful of the creative process.

  3. I can understand what it is like to have my creative train-of-thought thrown out the window by some kind of distraction. I absolutely love writing, and I have experienced a form of “writer’s block” more than a few times. I agree that some kind of pleasant distraction such as sleeping is a viable way to help boost your creativity, but you also have to be wary that you do not find yourself putting off your efforts in favor of rest and relaxation.
    Sometimes I wonder how other people keep moving forward with their own creative projects, but after a few moments of recuperation, everything gets moving again.

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