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Get Inspired!

Tell me, how many times have you run into a design roadblock while desperately trying to find a solution? Far too many right? Well today I will be talking about how to use inspiration to get out of this slump. It may seem like an obvious solution but it’s a significant one that may get overlooked sometimes.


First, a disclaimer:

Inspiration is not cheating

It is 100% okay to look to other things for inspiration. I see it as a guide or an aid that helps me spark more ideas. That being said, there is a fine line between taking inspiration and copying what others have created. We are designers, so we are expected and have the capability to make things our own.


Inspiration in design

Drawings of giraffes hung on a wall

Looking at other designs is probably our go to form of inspiration, it’s easily accessible and it comes in a variety of different forms. As designers it’s important to remember to look at what others in our field are doing. See how others implement colour, or typography, look at the way they manipulate shapes and apply textures to their designs. Then, see how you can mix or change those elements to make it your own. I know from experience that something will definitely speak to you and hopefully get those creative juices flowing.


Finding inspiration in nature

Orb with tree reflected on it

Remember that not all our designing has to happen in front of a screen, try stepping away from your design, specially when it starts becoming more of a dread and your brain begins shutting down on you. A walk outside may be all you need to get everything going again. Look around at the trees and leaves, yeah maybe it sounds lame but there are many ways this could help you. Nature has many aesthetically pleasing components, there is balance to it as well as asymmetrical elements, it also has many different textures and not to mention colours. Therefore, see what the first thing that catches your eye is and analyze how you can implement them into your designs.


Overall, try to always take a look at your surroundings and see what colours, shapes, or textures you can see. Record these things in a sketchbook or simply take pictures. That way you’ll always have them to look back at whenever you’re feeling uninspired again. I hope this helps and good luck in your designing journey! 

4 thoughts on “Get Inspired!

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog, I feel like you gave a lot of good information and tips on how to get inspired I also like the way you sectioned everything in groups and you made the pictures relevant to the topic you were talking about. I agree with you that you can get a lot of good inspiration from nature and going for a walk is a good way to brainstorm and come up with ideas, you can get inspiration from the colours in nature, the shapes, the smells, and you can combine all those things to make something very creative.

  2. I love this! I totally know what it’s like to get artists block and it’s not fun. I used to think for a long time that using other’s work to inspire your own was stealing and not creative, and for a while it stopped me from creating things. But I have had some good art mentors that have helped me realize that it’s definitely alright to be inspired by fellow artists, and I love to see that others know that too. I also think taking inspiration from nature is a great idea and can sometimes be even more inspiring than other artists.

  3. I’m glad you touched briefly on the sketchbook. I definitely agree that going out and observing nature is a pretty major source of inspiration, and creating designs in pencil and paper while doing that at the same time is a really under-utilized way to create unique and creative designs. This is my preferred method of brainstorming, as I find it hard not to use elements from pre-created works and man-made inspiration, not to say that it isn’t also useful in it’s own way. I also agree with the fact that it is okay to be inspired by things in general, that’s how new, better ideas are introduced and in my opinion it prevents people from creating the same ideas accidentally. All in all, great post and definitely helps artists understand what design and art is all about.

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