Experiencing Interactive Media Arts

When it started for me, I wasn’t sure if this course was something I was going to be interested in for the rest of my two year student life.

I was out of the province and a days drive away when I received the text, followed by what felt like hundreds of emails confirming I had been enrolled in the Interactive Media Arts course at Assiniboine Community College. But once I had found a place to live, I realized it was too late to go into hiding and pretend post-secondary education didn’t exist.

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The Start

Despite my doubt and anxiety I still decided to show up on the first day of classes (the orientation the week before didn’t really count). While getting to know my teachers was pretty simple, the people considered classmates took a bit longer to break the ice with.

The days quickly became weeks, and then evolved further more into months. As it stands I have now spent around 6 months in this program. While the coding work is a bit of a drag and struggle, the other courses have interested me enough to keep me invested and trying to succeed.

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The Work

Aside from some minor classes such as video editing and audio recording/manipulation, the main attraction of this course for anyone with an interest in design, would be the Adobe classes. Several classes are dedicated to teaching and experimenting with the Adobe suite of design tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and InDesign.

As stated above, this courses work load can be a bit of a struggle. Due to my lack of research into the materials and the workload, I had no idea this would involve as heavy work as coding. Coding is what I would describe as the bane of my courses workload. However, if it’s something that someone would want to pursue then I would recommend it, I personally know successful graduates of this program who excelled at it.

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The Outcome

Still enrolled, 6 months later, the doubts completely absent from the thoughts in my head, actually thinking I fit in for once in the education aspects of my life.

As someone who never sought out post-secondary I will wholeheartedly say it’s worth the experience, and you may end up enjoying yourself and the work given.

And best of all, you might get lucky like me and meet the friends you finally feel are worth keeping.

A Story from an IMA student

3 thoughts on “Experiencing Interactive Media Arts

  1. That’s a nice run through of your current experience at the Interactive Media Arts program. It sounds like you found some footing as the year progressed and I think you’re doing great. Kind of funny how you you spoke about facing the inevitable of having to come to school and no longer able to hide. I agree the experience is worth it so far and I think if you keep with it like you are then you are going to continue to do well. Keep it up and I enjoyed reading your piece, especially how you highlighted coding the way you did.

  2. This is a very well-written article Steven! The way you describe the process of being enrolled in this program, and the journey you took from being out of province to finding a place to live here in Brandon to attend ACC is very well done. The truthfulness in the way you describe your thoughts about this course and your trepidation about actually going through with it and being a college student yet going through with it anyways gives a good insight into who you are as a person. I look forward to reading more articles on this topic and learning more about you as a person.

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