Electronic Arts in 2017 and 2018

Over the last two years the video game company name EA has been facing some controversies with some of the games that they have released and it seems like no one really like them as a company right now.

In 2017 the company got the “Worst Company in America” because of  the response to two games that year, the first was a game called Mass Effect Andromeda, witch was because when the game came out the animations of the character weren’t that good and the game only seems to be partially finished and was rushed out on the deadline. But the worst was still to come, it happened in October EA released a game called Star Wars Battlefront 2(BF2) and after a week of being out the world seems to just be attacking it for the loot boxes for the multiplayer game modes. The problem that happened with Battlefront 2 was that in the  game you could get loot boxes to get new abilities in the game and new characters from the Star Wars universe like Yoda or Darth Vader, the problem start when you could also buy these loot boxes with real life money. A month after the games released, EA was in trouble with many government because they were trying to use BF2 as a way of saying that loot boxes were gambling. The government kept talking about this for the next year putting more and more blame onto EA. But if you look at the stocks EA was up by 47% of the previous year. If you want to so some minor things that EA did in 2017 check out Forbes Artificial here. 

For the most part EA had to lay low until E3 of that year because of the thing that happened with BF2 in 2018.  The best announce was that a side company of EA was making a story based Star Wars game but a couple of months later is was said that it was canceled. They also announce that BattleField 5 would be coming out in November and that it would have a battle royal mode, witch was not there at launch of the  game and still isn’t here 4 months later. Also toward the end of the year when no one was talking about the BF2 problem there stocks started to go down and it doesn’t seem like they’re doing any better now  and the stock continues to plum it


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  1. I can’t say it was unexpected but it is sad to see how the mighty have fallen. EA, publishers of the likes of the original Mass Effect trilogy and the Bad Company series for Battlefield. They were such a powerhouse in the industry until these slip-ups and they haven’t recovered. You’re article just shows how easily the world can turn on when you make a mistake, be it a few million dollars worth of mistakes. Otherwise I found the article to be nicely laid out the way you did it chronologically. All I would recommend is a bit more splitting your paragraphs! Cheers!

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