Don’t Miss the Small Things in Life!

Do you ever look at your phone to see what time it is and then get distracted because someone just posted something amazing? Meanwhile you stick the phone back in your pocket forgetting to check the time. We humans love gossip, we love seeing what others have to say, but did you know that we spend about 7 hours a day on the internet; watching TV, streaming, and social media? Before the technology we have now, kids between the ages of 7-18 would interact by meeting up to the closest malt shop or park to socialize. Now you can’t go without seeing a 7 year old who doesn’t have a smartphone.

Using your phone isn’t the only technology that we use, gaming is a big one too. You see more boys playing video games, trying to beat each others score. Then you have the girls who are more likely to use social media (aka like Instagram), they are trying to get more likes and to be more popular in their photos. With technology everyone is competing with everyone, whether it is posts, blogs, websites, brands, gaming scores, we all seem to want to be the best.×330

It has come to the point where being on the internet and messaging hundreds of people is more important than sleep. If we are taking in on average 7 hours of technology a day, that is the same amount of hours I get on a good night’s sleep.  Children between the ages of 8-12 spend about six hours, on average, consuming media. Kids these days are not growing up how they use to. For an  example I have a 11 year old niece and all she wants is a Macbook Pro. That is almost a two thousand dollar laptop, at that age what is someone going to do with it?


At 19 years of age I have notice a lot of heads down on phones not paying attention to what is going on in front of them. I can relate to this, I am guilty myself but there are times where we need to set our devices down. There are times where we having a conversation with someone, whether is a family member, friend, coworker etc, and they are sitting on their phone. I don’t know about you but I do like an old fashion conversation, like going to a coffee shop, talking face to face. I love technology just as much as the next person but choose the moments wisely, everything happens in the blink of an eye. You’ll never know what you’re missing.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the Small Things in Life!

  1. I really love this post! I for one am totally guilty of overusing my phone rather than actually socializing. I would much rather sit down and talk at coffee shop than snapchat people back and forth. I think kids growing up now-a-days with children having phones tablets laptops and everything in between is outrageous. They don’t need any of that i barely need any of that! It’s sad to see people miss life by being on their phone but also for kids to miss out on a fun healthy childhood. Phones are great and all but i need to take note and put it down once in awhile!

  2. Great post and an interesting topic.
    I too, have noticed a trend in people constantly on their phones. You are right, a lot of them are missing the little things and life should not happen in your phone.
    Some restaurants and coffee shops do challenges where if you leave your phone alone you get a percentage of your bill. It is strange that it has come to this; that we need bribing to be off our phones and talk to the people at our table and not on our phones.
    Although, if you think about it, maybe that makes the human connection even more important now then before. Everything is electronic and sometimes untenable, so to have a real human connection means more now then ever before.
    Anyway, it is a great topic for discussion! Great job!

  3. Great idea of bringing this topic into discussion. It is something that everyone can relate too. My sister and I have a 12 year age difference. Although we grew up in the same family; the way we were raised socially is completely different. She’s at my house often and can sit with her phone for eight hours if she wanted too. She sits there transfixed by the posts she is scrolling through on instagram. I try to explain the negative side effects of always having your eyes glued to a phone to her but I can also tell she doesn’t understand the context of how too much entertainment screen time is bad for mental health. I know that it is hard to not always have screen time when it’s almost everyone’s way of communicating. I too have been guilty of being addicted to my smartphone. I realized it was getting out of hand when I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook while I was watching tv. I took almost a year away from Facebook and only kept two social media accounts. I found that my mind was less distracted and I was also more happy not having to worry about things I might be missing!

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