Dolfi is a hand sized device that washes your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. Dolfi is the next generation of cleaning, It’s gentle on clothes and rough on dirt. The Dolfi is giving washing machine’s a run for it’s money, but say goodbye to damaged clothes caused by washing machine’s. The Dolfi is portable and fit’s in luggage or any bag you use to travel for where you travel in the world. The Dolfi requires no effort to turn on just switch it on and enjoy!

Dolfi saves you from going to the laundromat to wash your clothing. The device will never cause your clothes to fade or stretch during washing. The ultrasonic technology cleans within the fabric fibers which keeps your favorite clothing item’s looking great. Dolfi’s ultrasonic technology sends sound wave’s throughout the water which creates bubbles which then explode creating millions micro jet liquid stream’s that wash away all dirt. Dolfi creates and admits ultera sound waves that are multi-mode, wide band and progressive.

How does it work you might be wondering right now.

Well you just have to put your clothes into any sink you have in your home, fill with water then add detergent and place Dolfi into the sink to let the magic happen. Dolfi glows blue as it clean’s you’re clothes which only take’s 30 minutes. Dolfi the hand sized device save’s you time and money. Once the Dolfi is done washing you’re clothes you just have to hang them out to dry and put them on once their dry.

Dolfi was made in Switzerland and developed by MPI ultrasonics.

I personally want to try and test out this device to see if it actually work’s. This would save me time on washing my laundry and keep me from fighting over who gets to use the washing machine. Although I would get worried having to put detergent in my sink. I think the Dolfi is a pretty cool device. There are pros and cons to this device like any other device. I like how Dolfi can travel where ever I may travel in world. In conclusion I find this hand sized device very amazing with the technology that’s in this small device.

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  1. Very interesting device, if this product goes on to become a thing soon we be able to get in average price, its nice to imagine carrying your own hand washing machine to every where you go, it would certainly have been a lot of help for me in the past. i really hope its get industrialized soon.

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