Dive Technology

Dive technology, a newer and very untested but promising piece of tech which if it pays off can lead to immense developments in the fields of design and all parts of life, but since we’re focusing to the design element here i’ll keep it to this industry.

Dive technology is the process of integrating your mind to the computer more specifically the software, it functions much as the way a connection of 2 computer would with 2 computers linking and then the information is shared and can be manipulated by both sides of the technology which has left people wary of dive technology.


Dive Tech and its uses

What people fail to realize is that this allows for a very large amount of interaction as a human mind is capable of things far beyond that of any computer program we can create at the moment, we have endless levels of creativity and imagination which far outstrips that of a machine and allows us to function at a better and more intuitive level, you may wonder where i’m going with this well i,m leading into the fact that when our mind is the very creator for something things such as game design and the designing of new technologies is child’s play as we can create something from  our mind and fact check it and then simply redesign it again.


Dive technology is a goldmine of usage and it can revolutionize the industry and how we work with, i sincerely hope that this was able to convince those of you who have read this blog, and i will provide links towards articles and examples of it. HERE


well that’s all folks i hope you all enjoyed this blogging experience as much as i did, peace be with you and have a merry Christmas and to all a goodnight.