Disney acquires 21st Century fox

Disney officially acquires 21st century fox after almost 10 years of speculation that they are trying to regain rights to the original Marvel Cinematic Universe

With Disney’s purchase of Marvel in 2009 rumors of them trying to recover and regain rights to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe began to emerge, however with no proof to back these rumours they slowly began to diminish until almost 10 years later. On December 14th2017 Disney officially announced a conclusive agreement to acquire 21st century fox. The initial goal of the deal was to reacquire the X-Men franchise of course and bring them back to the MCU or the Marvel Cinematic Universe but with more then a year of negotiation they actually managed to get so much more then that. As of March 20th 2019 Disney has managed to claim nearly all of fox’s assets, reacquire characters who were rumored to be gone for good and gather some new ones such as The Simpsons, Alien franchise and Alvin and the chipmunk and a 30% stake in Hulu and upcoming streaming service.

I think that this was an amazing deal for Disney sure they spent a lot of money but just from looking at the amount they have made off of Marvel movies in the past year making their money back wont be an issue especially now that they own new assets like the Simpsons and the Alien franchise which continue to be extremely profitable and show no signs of stopping anytime soon, not to mention huge 30% stake in Hulu with how far its come and its plans to expand to an international level in the coming years. This will create hundreds of new jobs and experiences for people all around the world and from fan perspective getting to see all my favourite super hero’s come back to the big screen completely recast with new twists and turns will be truly incredible with new memories to be made and shared around the world with the happiest place on earth.

Supporting Article : https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/20/18273142/disney-fox-acquistion-final-hulu-marvel-streaming-21st-century

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