Developing Ideas for a Video Game

So you want to make a video game? Or you might just be reading this post for fun. Whatever the reason, you will probably learn a thing or two on developing your idea into a fully fledged game. Of course there are more than 100 different things that go into a game. However this post will focus more on the process of developing the games premise rather than coding, marketing, development roles, ect.


Come up with some ideas.

So where do you start? You probably have an idea for a game in mind already. That’s good, write that down on paper! In fact, even if you don’t have an idea, start brainstorming all ideas that could be a video-game in your opinion. They don’t have to be your ultimate idea, this is just going to give you something to work with while developing ideas.

I will elaborate on ‘‘developing ideas’’. Basically, you shouldn’t go on the path of “I have the best Idea. This ideas is going to be mega popular”. Instead you should look into a variety ideas, and then single them all out until you have an idea that sounds the most enjoyable to you.


Here are some key points you should have planned in the meantime:

  • What’s the objective?
  • How does the player complete the objective?
  • How will the player be rewarded for completing objectives?


Target Demographic

Don’t forget your games target demographic! Your target demographic for the game is also important so try putting yourself in the place of someone completely new to your game concept. Would it sound interesting enough to grab anyone’s attention? Rinse and repeat until you have a few ideas left.


Create some sort of backstory

Every game has a story or follows a story of some sort. Now you should elaborate your singled down ideas (preferably 3 or less) now that you have into a stronger concept for each one. Creating a backstory is the perfect place to start. Backstories also tie in with the games progression which fuels the player’s initiative to open the game again.

The backstory can be anything you want it to be, given it is your sole idea and not one from another game. It’s okay to create new ideas based off of pre-existing ones, but try to stay as close to your unique ideas as possible.

Some key points to start off with could be: Setting, Main Character Prelude, other characters involved, antagonist, and more info on the player’s objective narrative.


Keep calm and don’t rush! Keep planning!

Rushing has no benefits when you are creating something like this. Even for a small game you should plan everything. This so that when you are ready to program the game, the development process will feel much smoother. Especially if these are core game mechanics are state-based systems.

This will hopefully help you see the general direction of the first steps to developing a fully fledged video-game. If you thought this was difficult, I’d suggest doing a lot more research. I self taught myself all this using various websites. One recently being:

Good luck!

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  1. Hi! Great blog Sacha! I really enjoyed the layout of this blog and the tone. I feel like it was really personable and easy to read through. Making a video game would be so cool! I like how you layout the steps and really emphasize on the planning the storyline part, that’s super important. It would have been nice to see a little bit of imagery, maybe seeing some of the software used or what the planning process looks like, or something like character sketches would have been cool to see. But all in all I really enjoyed the content.

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